Review: Rimmel Wonderfully Real Extreme Black Mascara With Keratin

Ok. Ok, ok, ok. Whatever you do, don't run to your closest Priceline to panic buy this little baby, because, I can assure you, I'll be beating your ass there first!

I've said it once, and I will most definitely say it again - Rimmel was one of the first brands to start doing something for my lashes, and their latest mascara might very well be the best mascara I've ever tried from them!

Let's start with the design - the shape is similar to the other mascaras in the range, and will seem familiar to you. Much like it's predecessor, this has a slightly tapered brush with short-ish bristles. While this formula is meant to be like the pink tubed version, I actually found this to be so much better than that!

This brushes on nicely, and while I did like the original one that I tried, this really takes it to the next level for me! The 001 Black version pales in comparison to this 003 Extreme Black formula - one coat of mascara and it makes my already black lashes look so full and dark. It was something that I honestly didn't think was possible! Two coats, and I'm ready to take on the day!

As always, it doesn't hold a curl (please make one that works on Asian lashes, Rimmel!), but it also doesn't smudge and man, my lashes look dark and goo-oo-oo-ood!

This retails for $18.95, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this, especially if you tried the original version! This is definitely amongst the top 5 mascaras I've tried by Rimmel - give it a go!

*This product was provided for editorial consideration