Review: Ultraceuticals Ultra Dual Microfoliant

Ultraceuticals goes from strength to strength and they have once again bowled me over with another product - their new on the market scrub, the Ultra Dual Microfoliant!

This exfoliant combines micro-fine pure Vitamin C and Bromelain, which is an enzyme. Together, they work in synergy to remove surface impurities while allowing the skin to benefit from the effects of Vitamin C. This means that the skin ends up looking smoother, polished and glowing from the use of this microfoliant. 

As you might know, exfoliating is great, because it allows your lotions and serum to penetrate deeper and it also reduces the amount of dead cells that tend to build up on the skin. By using this microfoliant, I feel like it both takes away (dead cells) and adds (Vitamin C) to the skin, which does result in my skin feeling, looking and generally just being, smoother and more luminous - it's impossible for me to not love this product!

Using this is also a little bit different compared to other scrubs, as you have to gently massage this into the skin in upward circular motions for a few minutes to allow most of the micro-fine pure Vitamin C particles to dissolve and penetrate into the skin. In order to remove the excess, just use a warm damp cloth to wipe it off.

This retails for $79 and you can find it at the Ultraceuticals counter in David Jones. It's worth every penny, and for my normal skin this Winter, it's been amazing!

Do you exfoliate your face regularly? What Ultraceuticals products have you tried before?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration


  1. Ooo this sounds like a great exfoliator! I definitely need to try this range, I have heard only amazing things :) x


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