Review: Optically AU Prescription Glasses

I have been a chronic wearer of prescription glasses, and subsequently contacts, since a very tender age, and I have run through my fair share of glasses as a result of this. Thankfully, I don't have to replace them very often these days, which is definitely a good thing, as that means I can spend more money on makeup, as glasses can add up to quite a bit.

That said, services such as Optically AU can make this a vastly more affordable experience, which means that you can have your cake and eat it too! I was offered the chance to try ordering a pair of prescription glasses from Optically AU recently, and I was quite impressed with their selection!

What's fun about this website is that you can 'try' the glasses on a picture of yourself to get an idea of what they would look like on - definitely better than just winging it! I got really caught up playing with this, trying on numerous pairs of glasses to see what they would look like on me. It's actually really quite addictive! It took me a while, but I settled on a pair that I thought was quite pretty. Once I ordered the glasses, it took just over a week for them to arrive. It arrived in a lovely white box containing a microfibre cloth, all packaged nicely.

I picked a pair of slightly more fun frames than my usual boring old pair, going for a pink, cat eye look this round, with metal handles. These are quite comfortable, and they fit as per my prescription. All in all, my glasses only ended up costing less than $100, a seriously good bargain for someone, well, who's after a seriously good bargain!

I love that they have the concept of a free 10 day trial, because glasses can be such an individual thing, as they don't all fit the same way on your face, and there is a really wide range of shapes and fun colours to satisfy just about everyone! This means that they will send 4 pairs of frames out to you and get you to try them on. Once you have made up your mind about the pair that you're keen on, order them online, pop the frames back into the box, and return them at no charge - how easy does that sound? I didn't use this particular service, but I love that it's available for people who would like to try them on, and don't have to leave the comfort of their homes to do so!

I think it's great that they have both designer glasses, as well as budget friendly ones (particularly good for those who need a couple of pairs and may misplace them regularly). You can get your glasses online here, whether you're after prescription sunglasses or womens' glasses (including designer glasses).

Do you wear prescription glasses? What's your favourite style?

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