Review: ModelRock Liquid Last and Mega Modern Metals Lipsticks

ModelRock is a very popular brand amongst the makeup savvy and professionals, particularly for lashes, but did you know that they also did lip products? I only realised this a while back, and I was really excited when I was sent these little beauties, because they are really gorgeous on!

I was sent three lip products, and surprise, surprise (note obvious lack of surprise here), they are amazing! I think my biggest issue with matte lip products is that they can sometimes go on quite dry to begin with, tugging at the lips, or end up drying out the lips. I also find some matte liquid lipsticks to not dry down completely, resulting in smudging and the dragging of my hair across the lips, ending in lipstick everywhere.

I was sent the Liquid Last Liquid to Matte lipstick in Major Betsey, which turns out like a brick red lipstick on me, and this stuff is fantastic! It goes on easily, like a liquid, and dries down nicely. I find myself leaving small amounts of lipstick on cups, but it doesn't go all over my face, nor does it make my lips feel like the Sahara - definitely a bonus. I like that it is also quite light on the lips, so it almost feels like you're not wearing anything at all - an unexpected bonus for something so pigmented! This retails for $23.

I was sent two shades in the Mega Modern Metals lipsticks - Miss Chei Chei, which is a pinky-nude, and Pop 'N' Slay, which is like a watermelon red with a hint of orange. These two have a metallic sheen to them, but not so much that they really stand out in that manner. Again, these two wear very nicely, and don't dry out my lips. Miss Chei Chei isn't as pigmented as I'd like for it to be, but definitely a nice, quietly metallic pale version of MLBB (my lips but better). Pop 'N' Slay got so many compliments the first day I wore it, it now permanently lives in my bag! These retail for $25 each

Top to bottom: Miss Chei Chei; Pop 'N' Slay; Major Betsey

These are so gorgeous, I really need to be picking up more colours from them! For more information on them, you can head to their website over here.

Stay tuned for some FOTDs that integrate these lippies into them! Have you tried their liquid lipsticks before? What's your favourite?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration