How To: Achieve Your Outer Glow

Do you know what I love most about Winter? When we're running out of it! As great as snuggly sweaters are, and sexy knee high boots may look on me this time of year, they don't quite make up for the fact that my hands feel like ice blocks all the time, my nose runs intermittently, and that my skin can look a little peaky and dry.

Aside from taking care of your skin, because that's where it really should start, you can do a quick cheat with some products beneath your makeup, or as part of your makeup, to help with your luminosity, and I'm here to tell you what I'm loving for it!

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Perfecting Glow Primer* - This is one of the very many reasons I love Sephora! Their Perfecting Glow Primer comes out of the tube with a bit of a milky glow, and it also smooths over the skin very nicely, making it so that it is a great primer for the skin. This is also meant to minimise the pores - score! This has a beautifully subtle glow to it, and will add that to your skin (and makeup)!

Ulta3 Ready To Glow Primer* - If a Sephora isn't close to you and you're reluctant to order products online without having tried it out first, or you want something with a bit more oomph, then Ulta3's Ready To Glow Primer is an excellent alternative. This primer comes in a clear bottle with a pump, and provides a little more luminosity. It won't make you look like a glitter ball, but this certainly will add a bit more shine to it than the first primer.

Top to bottom - Nars, Rimmel, Ulta3, Sephora

Rimmel Good To Glow Highlighter in Notting Hill Glow - I'm no stranger to the other shade in the range, Soho Glow, which I managed to get through a tube of, and this is it's lighter, brighter cousin! This one has more of a sparkle to it as well, but not in a 90's way, and I love how well it mixes into my foundation. This is one that I find seems to look more natural when it's mixed into my foundation than under it.

NARS Hydrating Glow Tint - This mousse textured base is gorgeous! It is so light, and doesn't end up caking on the skin. I love wearing this on it's own as my base for a bit of sheer coverage, but it's also good for a bit of a tint/lift to the skin beneath my foundation. This is light, and will likely be a large part of my base for my upcoming travels.

Are you a matte or dewy chickie? What's your favourite primer?

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  1. Such amazing picks, i love my Laura Mercier Radiance primer. The Nars glow tint sounds amazing


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