Review: Billie Goat Soap Moisturiser, Hand Cream and Soap

My skin is pretty hardy, but I have had the odd, occasional bout of eczema. My skin doesn't react generally when I switch up my skincare - it's stress that is most often my trigger. This means that every now and then, my skin needs a little extra TLC, and this is where a brand like Billie Goat Soap comes in.

Created in 2005 by a mom who wanted to do what she could for her child who suffered from eczema, this brand has since snowballed, and now has a range that extends from bar soaps, to hair care, as well as skincare for little bubs! In fact, you can read a review done for Temporary Princess for their baby range over here

The original Billie Goat Soap ($8.95) is soft and gentle on my skin. It feels like it cleans without stripping my skin dry, but the downside of this super soft soap is that it melts really quickly in my shower! Even when I put it aside to keep it dry, it disintegrated rather quickly. A bit of a shame, given how awesome it is!

I was sent the moisturiser in a 250 ml tube ($17.95), and this has a runny, yet semi-thick consistency (think liquid cheese). This takes a little rubbing for it to melt into the skin, and the scent is quite subtle and powdery fresh. I find the lotion soothing, and it also moisturises really well. This might be a bit, surprisingly, heavy in the Summer, but it would definitely be a winner in the Winter! 

Their hand cream ($9.95) comes in a white tube similar to that of the moisturiser, and it has a flip lid on it. This contains 75 ml of product, and a little goes a long way with this one. It smells similar to the moisturiser, and I find this to get absorbed faster than the body lotion, which has never been my experience with hand cream versus body moisturiser! I love how gentle this hand cream feels on me, and that this does feel like it keeps my skin soft and smooth.

Billie Goat Soap can be found in a number of different places, including David Jones. I would be interested in trying the hand cream in rose next, as that sounds like it might be just right for me!

Have you tried Billie Goat Soap before? What's your favourite product from them?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration