How To: Be The Ultimate Festival Muse

Warm nights and warmer days mean music festivals, and limitless opportunities to dance your troubles away. In order to get the most out of your time at a music festival, I'm here to give you a hand in getting ready, and it boils down to the three Ps - Prep, Pack and Party!

This is essential, so that you don't have to worry about doing things further down the line. After all, less beauty upkeep means more time to chill and look cute in your chosen outfit, right? Prepping would involve the maintenance stuff, such as defluffing (ie hair removal), whether that is shaving or waxing. Even if you don't have time to actively do it, you can still make sure you are taking care of it by using hair removal cream, which allows you to multitask. Andrea is a good brand for hair removal lotions, and they also have waxes available.

The other thing you should also consider doing is dyeing your brows. Imagine the freedom of little to no brow shaping early in the morning while out camping - sounds like bliss, right? Get tinting now so that you can avoid too much fuss early in the morning. 1000 Hour has a variety of tints available, so get shaping!

Speaking of dyeing, this is the perfect place to trot out a new look! With so many colours to pick from, consider doing something a little bit different, and go for a lemon yellow! Plus, if you're into pop art looks, this would make the perfect base! Dare Hair has you covered for a little bit of extra kick.

If bright hair isn't your thing, then make sure you spice things up a bit by doing your nails. At least your digits can shine, and OPI has a range of shades and sparkles that will have you overwhelmed by choice.

For those who may be averse to blinding people with their super Wintry fair skin (I kid, I kid!), and of course, by that, I mean, babes who might be self conscious about their Winter lack-of-colour (although you should never be self conscious of how gorgeous you are!), then fake bake is your friend. Prepping takes time, because you also have to exfoliate the dead skin cells off before you slick on the self tanner. Jergens makes a delicious scrub, aptly named Colour Primer, and all you have to do is make sure you de-fuzz beforehand. See above if you need help with that! As for the colour itself, Bondi Sands would be able to give you a hand with that! They have a wide range, including gradual tanners to an ultra dark foam - so worth the extra bit of time!

If you're camping, you'd need to make sure that you're not over or under packing. Things that you need to consider adding to your bag, aside from accessories and fun clothes are travel sized products, such as shampoo and conditioner! Pantene makes cute little bottles, and I've always found them to leave my hair soft, which is probably what you'd need after your hair has been put through the wringer with sleeping on the ground and being exposed to the elements. If, however, you're planning to just dry shampoo it, share the load with a friend, and grab a full sized bottle so that you can continue partying without waiting for your hair to dry.

If you left it to the last minute to colour your hair, don't worry, Fudge is there for you! Just so you don't have hair colour envy, get onto it with their Hair Art Spray, or, if you're not great with aerosols, try their Hair Chalk instead.

I don't know about anyone else, but the most boring part of my look when I was at Splendour last year was the lack of anything going on with my hair. Since getting my hair cut shorter, it's responded a lot better to styling products, and a good sea salt spray can make all the difference to it now. Evo Salty Dog salt spray will give you little kinks and add that texture to your hair. For a bit of extra oomph and volume, Shape Vixen will get you that lift, so that it can stay big and bouncy as you dance your days away.

Not keen to plaster makeup on, as you think you'd just sweat it all off? I hear ya! No Reason To Hide by Philosophy contains SPF 20, and this tinted moisturiser will provide you with a good base for a bit of a sun kissed makeup look. This doesn't just cover up, instead, it hydrates, moisturises, protects with SPF and evens out skin tone - brilliant!

Remember when I was talking about painting the nails? Well, you don't have to go without if your polish chipped - you can just paint over it for now! Grab a sparkly one so that you can make it a little funky, going over the bald areas, adding to it as days go by. Upside to this? Gross, I know, but this would make it harder to spot filthy nails from afar. I'm just sayin' - pretty sure we've all beem there at a festival!

Other absolute essentials not pictured:
- hand sanitizer
- wet wipes
- water bottle
- sunscreen
- torch

This one is entirely up to you, babe! Have fun, but also stay safe. Remember to tell your friends where you will be at all times, and stay hydrated!

Any other festival tips for travelling babes? What's your favourite festival?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration