Review: VS Sassoon Diamond Waves *

It's the usual greener pastures thing - having straight hair makes me incredibly envious of all the chickies out there with curly tresses, and as such, when I want to make a special effort, I like to break out my styling wands. As such, I was super excited to give the VS Sassoon Diamond Waves wand a whirl (geddit?)!

I should just clarify that this is designed to give you waves, rather than curls, which means more glamour, and less poodle when it comes to me!

This baby has a spiral barrel, which makes for easy styling. The aim isn't to fit sections of hair specifically along bit of the barrel, but rather to help guide hair along it.  This also has digital heat settings from 150 degrees celsius to 210 degrees celsius, which means that you can adjust it according to what style you're after, and what type of hair you have. This also has a ceramic heater, which means fast and constant heat along the length of the barrel, reducing your chances of weird kinks along the way!

This comes with a heat protective glove, as well as a mat to place the curler on, so you wouldn't accidentally set it down on something you shouldn't! Honestly, it's the little details that I love about appliances, because they can make all the difference!

Aside from the above, however, how does it really perform? 

This heats up within 3 to 4 minutes, which means I can switch it on, finish up my eye makeup, then get curling. The heat protective glove works well for me when I'm holding the very end of a section of hair close to the curler, but it isn't something that would necessarily protect my hand incredibly well if I had to keep it closer for longer than 15 seconds.

Each section of hair takes about 6 to 7 seconds for me, and overall, they are really easy to do, and quite idiot proof, so if you're struggling to create loose romantic waves with what you have, or you're not certain what to use to create that look, then this would be right up your alley!

Here is the result of 20 minutes of work from me, prior to the hair being brushed out to slightly more romantic, loose waves. Really easy to use, and it won't break the bank at $52.95! 

Overall, an absolute success in terms of the fact that it's easy to use, isn't a time suck, and gives me the style that I'm hankering after! My only complaint? Not getting my hands on one sooner!

For more information, hop over to their website here.

How do you create your waves? Are you a straight, wavy or curly hair chickie?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I love having curls but my only way to achieve it is the VS Sassoon Curl Secret (or the Suck n Curl as I like to call it). It takes a little time to get the hang of it but once you can start powering through, it's good. I actually used mine yesterday so I am enjoying my second day hair today! I've always been scared to use wands where you manually wind the hair around the barrel.

    1. The heat protection glove really helps!

  2. WOW! look at those locks,your hair looks so pretty and shiny.. I love to create waves, but always manage to cut my hair before it get long enough. hmm

    1. The temptation to cut my hair is always there, but I'd look too much like a dude!


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