Review: Rimmel Good To Glow and Brow This Way Highlighters *

Do you know what I love about Spring? Many, many things, is the answer, but also how bright everything is, and that includes my skin. Of course, just coming out of Winter, I need a little bit of help in that department, so it's lucky that Rimmel has some newbies that have been lending a hand!
Rimmel's Good to Glow comes in two shades - Notting Hill Glow and Soho Glow. From what I could see, the Notting Hill Glow is a pinkish colour, while the Soho Glow is warmer and perfect for my skintone, which is lucky that I got this one!

I have used this both as a highlighter on my cheekbones, and also mixed through my foundation, and I have found it to add a lift to my skin when done as the latter. Additionally, it definitely adds a glow at the appropriate places when it's dabbed on.

This is easy to blend and mix, and this contains light reflecting pigments that make the skin look radiant and dewy. If it's luminous skin you're after, then this might be the thing you need to achieve the look you want! This retails for only $12.95.

Joining their Brow This Way range are two highlighting pencils - one has a matte finish, which is appropriate for daily wear, like for work, and a shimmer finish for when you want a more glamourous lift to the brows.

The matte pencil is the one pictured above, and honestly, can I say, I'm totally in love! I never realised that matte pencil were actually a thing for the brows, but it's subtle while still being noticeable enough to make a difference. This gives me a nice brow lift and better definition without being too obvious, and I love it! I feel like I'll get a lot more use out of this one than my other brow highlighters - I've already had to sharpen it! This costs $9.95.

You can find it at just about any and every Rimmel stand in Big W and Target and Priceline, among other places.

What's your favourite highlighter? Are you a matte or shimmer girl for brow highlighters?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I need to try that highlighter mixed into my foundation - I can imagine it would give a really nice dewy finish! Great post!

    1. I hope you've had the chance to try it - it's so good in this weather!

  2. I've been using both! the brow one more often as the other is a little bit shimmery for everyday


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