New Release: MAC x Star Trek Collaboration *

Trekkies, get excited! In the month of September, MAC's collaboration with Star Trek is dropping and all I can say about it is that it's go-oooo-ooo-ooo-ooood! 

Now, not being a Trekkie myself, I can't speak to the significance of the collection, but what I am, is a makeup nut, and MAC does excellent collaborations, so what I can say is that as a MAC fan, you'll love this, and very likely, as a Trekkie, you'd be suitably delighted!

Here's what's in the collection:
1) Lipglass $39
- Pleasure Planet: Muted gold shimmer
- Khaaannnn!: Berry with red reflect
- Set to Stun: Light silver with gold pearl (pictured)
- Warp Speed Ahead: Plum with blue and red reflects

2)  Lipstick $40
- The Enemy Within: Neutral gold shimmer (frost)
- Where No Man Has Gone Before: Pink with gold pearl (lustre)
- Kling-It-On: Deep purple with fine pink glitter (frost) (picured)
- LLAP: Icy rose champagne (frost) (pictured)

3) Haute and Naughty Too Black Lash $42
- Black

4) MAC Studio Nail Lacquer $24
- Skin of Evil: Yellowish green with black chunks (frost)
- Holla-Deck: Gold sparkle (frost) (pictured)
- Enterprise: Silver chrome (frost) 

5) Lash $20
- Wink of an Eye (pictured)

6) Brush $45
- 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush 
- 246 Synthetic Fluffy Eye Brush 

7) Superslick Liquid Eye Liner $40
- On the Hunt: True black
- Nocturnal: Bright silver pearl (pictured)
- Pure Show: Bright yellow gold pearl

8) Trip The Light Fantastic Powder $51
- Luna Lustre: Sheer wash of soft rose shimmer
- Strange New Worlds: Sheer wash of golden coral pearl
- Highly Illogical: Sheer wash of golden plum with fine pearl

9) Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow $44
- To Boldly Go: Reddish copper pearl with sparkle (frost)
- Midnight: Cobalt blue with pearl sparkle (frost) (pictured)
- Bird of Prey: Dark olive green pearl with sparkle (frost) (pictured)
- The Naked Time: Taupe pearl with sparkle (frost)

The entire collection is filled with sparkles and glitter and cosmic shades that are just out of this world! I love that, as per MAC tradition, this also has Star Trek symbols on every product. What I'm most excited about swatching would be the powders! I've seen pictures, but nothing quite makes up for actually touching the products themselves, does it? I feel a hankering for them coming on!

Are you excited about this collaboration? What are you looking forward to swatching the most?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. my my look at those colours!!! I can't say I'm a big star trek fan - well Ihaven't actually given it a chance I'm sure I'll like it because it's scifi! I'll have to drop by MAC and checkout the range :)

    1. I just ordered more as part of their end of range sale!


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