How To: Look Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed With Murine *

Consider this scenario: Your eyes have been bugging you intermittently, and you know you're headed out in the evening and you're starting to notice that your eyes are looking a little red from being out all day wearing your contacts. While you know you could totally pull off the cutest look with your glasses, you can't quite cover up the redness of your eyes. Rather, you know that they would be enhanced by the smoking hot eye makeup you were planning to do.

Instead of calling up your friends and staying home to sulk while watching Netflix, you could always consider this alternative:
Pop your contacts out and lie down for a couple of minutes. Resting your eyes would give them a chance not to be overstimulated and help lubricate them a little bit. If you need a little extra help, it's Murine to the rescue! 

You can squeeze in one to two drops per eye up to four times a day, and this should help keep your sclera (that's the white of your eye) happy and redness free! Ok, so you may not end up with a bushy tail, but you will have bright and clear looking eyes with Murine! 

In this cool, dry climate, I have noticed my eyes being drier than usual, and I have taken to wearing my glasses a little more often (they aren't meant to be used with contacts), which allows me to use the drops on a regular basis. The extra lubrication has been great, and my eyes have been feeling more comfortable.

This also came to the rescue recently when I needed to use it to calm my eyes down after I accidentally placed my contacts on my corneas post a long soak in hydrogen peroxide WITHOUT the tablet to neutralise it! It really did the trick that day!

Don't forget to neglect your peepers this wintry season!

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. Yikes! I hope your eyes recovered from that incident! I've Murine (and other eye drops) for many years as I've got dry eyes and even drier eyes when I'm wearing contacts (obv using those safe for contacts). I hate putting eye drops in though!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. Always have a bottle of Murine or Visine handy as my eyes redden throughout the day and especially if I do a makeup look with more than my usual day-time eyeshadow. I used to be terrible at putting them in but now I'm an expert!

  3. I use to use eye droplets due to blood shot eyes 24/7, it's calmed down with age, which is bizarre!!

  4. You have reminded me I really need to grab some of this stuff! xx

    Jasmine /


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