Binned Thing Bumper Edition!

ALL of the empties! So, if you're wondering, this is where three months of empties will get you - a bathtub full of containers. I'm not going to do my usual thing this time, simply because I would like all of us to finish reading this post before we get really old and die, so here's what I'm doing this time. 

The products will be broken down into three categories - yes (I would buy again), no (definitely not my thing), maybe (liked certain bits of it and would use it again, but not entirely sure I would be happy to fork over full price for it). Without further ado, here's everything that got used up, save for a couple of plastic wrappers that had FUN by Lush in them, because they got really melty!




The sheer amount of trash (and recyclables of course) bowled me over - by the end of three months, I had enough to cover the bottom of my bathtub!

If you're curious about why I put certain things in particular categories, feel free to leave me a message at the bottom, and I'll let you know what I liked/didn't like about it.

Do you find yourself running through a lot of products in one season? 


  1. My goodness! You go through your stuff pretty well! I think that will take me more like 5 months to have that many empties.


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