Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and Fix & Protect Makeup Primer *

Rimmel has done a great job with a number of their products, and how to better round out the year than with a chat about some of their newer babies in the range, namely their revamped Perfect Match Foundation and Fix & Protect Makeup Primer?

Before you pop your base on, you need to lay down the foundation for your foundation. I'm a firm believer in priming (and that goes for the lids as well), and this primer not only has SPF 25 to protect the only skin that you're in, this also creates a matte layer for the shiny girls.

This is also meant to perfect the complexion and blur blemishes. Have I noticed a differemce? I've enjoyed using this underneath my foundation, and with any face cream I've want to during the day! While I'm not certain that it's battled any imperfections, I do feel like it's done a good job of holding my foundation in place, and keeping things matte.

The downside is that this cannot be used at night, as the flash from cameras would cause the dreaded 'white face'. Aside from that, I do quite like this and can see myself finishing it off. This retails for $13.95.

The Rimmel Perfect Match foundation contains SPF 20, so if you're using this separately to the primer, you will still be protected partially (I do tend to prefer stronger SPF) from the sun's friendly but harmful rays. This spreads easily and blends well.

It has a matte finish and while it lasts on my skin for most of the day, there is a little creasing around the brow/eye area by the time I get home. You can pick this up for $19.95.

Have you tried this combination before? Which would you rather try if you could only pick one?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. The primer reminds me of the japanese/korean primers, they don't tend to blur anything, but I feel that my foundation stays on for longer? I didn't mind if since I'm not a huge fan of Benefit's primer, it clogs my pores!

    1. That's a shame! I love Porefessional! I do like that this one has such a great SPF to it.

  2. Rimmel have impressed me this year with their lip and eye products.
    Their bases just don't seem to work for me.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to reading your blog next year.

    1. They have churned out some real winners for eye products, haven't they?


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