Christmas Guide For... Stocking Stuffers

I fondly think of stocking stuffers as all the wonderful anticipation builders that lead up to the big event. Therefore, I tend to go for stocking stuffers that have tons of impact - not to mention, affordable enough so that you could, er, stuff the stockings adequately!

1) Revo Lip Balm in Coconut * - See full review here. They come in a variety of flavours, which means that there sure to be one for your loved one! I gave one to a friend recently, who found this to be fantastically soothing for her post-sun lips, which, here in Australia, would be totally appropriate this time of year!

2) Gliders Bobby Pins * - Let's face it, one can never have too many bobby pins! No matter the age, this would make a great stocking stuffer and as bobby pin numbers tend to dwindle over time, you can consider giving another pack mext year!

3) Essence Sponge Nail Polish Remover - Perfect for the lazy girl on the go! This nail polish remover comes in a convenient jar with pre-moistened sponges, so all you have to do is dip, twist and leave. How easy is that? 

4) Trilogy Handbag Heroes * - For anyone new to Trilogy, but keen on trying this brand, this would be a brilliant present! This features their ultra hydrating hand cream, rosehip oil and rosehip oil lip balm, and as an introduction, it's certainly a good place to start.

5) Savvy by DB Lipstick Kit - I remember when they came out with this little set last year! It's as cute as it was, and the quality is decent enough that you will actually use at least some of the lipsticks in the range. Perfect for the lip fanatic, or someone experimenting with colours.

6) Spectrum Brush Heart - If you know someone who struggles to get their brushes clean, this would be a great little helper! There are different versions from other brands available, but this is one of the smallest ones I know of that would fit nicely in a stocking.

7) Boe Beauty Glam Roar! - The perfect little set for those looking to create a fierce feline flick, or to go as far as looking like Taylor Momsen at their very emo best.

8) 1000 Hour Fashion Lashes in Wild Damsel * - Of course, lashes are the proverbial icing on the cake, and this festive season, you can give the gift of lashes that will whip up a storm. The one picture above is only one of many options.

And this guide concludes all of the present ideas for Christmas! Have a very merry one, everybody, and Temporary Princess will be back to blog another day after Christmas!

Where to buy:
Revo - Priceline, The Beauty Office
Gliders - The Beauty Office
Essence - Priceline
Trilogy - Priceline
Savvy by DB - Priceline
Boe Beauty - Big W
Spectrum - Lipstick Republic
1000 Hour - The Beauty Office, Priceline

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. Awesome sticking stuffers! The Savvy lip set is so cute! One lady from work got me false lashes for the present. I thought that was so thoughtful and specialised to me =)

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. I have essence's nail polish remover, I got it when it was on 40% off at Priceline so it worked out for be 3 bucks, what a bargain! I do find it makes my fingers realllly dry though :(

    1. That makes sense, but it does balance out with the ease of taking it off!

  3. I WISH someone gifted me bobby pins. I lose an entire pack of 100 in 3 months... Not sure what space/time warp they fell into but more bobby pins is a REALLY practical gift.

    1. They do a runner while you're not looking, those slippery suckers.


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