Review: Philips Moisture Protect Straightener *

I don't tend to use that many appliances on my hair on a weekly basis, but when I do, I tend to go pretty harshly on my strands, as I find that my Asian hair (#asiangirlproblems) doesn't hold curls as well as I'd like for it to. This also means that when I end up doing things with my hair, I stress them out out a bit with sprays and lotions and what nots - oh my!

When I heard that Philips was coming out with a clever little hair straightener (and you know how much I LOVE the clever) that could 'diagnose' your hair 30 times a second, which is an insane amount of times, and then adapt the temperature to preserve the natural hydration of your hair.

By doing so, the straightener strives to keep your hair beautifully shiny and lush with as much of it's normal hydration as possible. You can also choose to turn off the moisture protect button, if you'd rather. There are three heat settings, and I find that my hair does best on the highest level. 

As you can see, this comes with floating plates, to reduce catching and breakage, and curved sides, so that you can curl and straighten, which is great, given that I'm more likely to curl than straighten. 

It has a gorgeously pearly sheen on the outside, and is rose gold on the inside, and it also comes with a velvet pouch for storage. It heats up within 20 seconds and this just means you don't have to wait around for it to get started! I find that this straightens beautifully and curls quite nicely. 

I have found the ends of my tresses to be a little less crispy after use and I have definitely noticed the lack of burny smells coming from the appliance and my hair while I'm running it through. While I do still think that a heated appliance would contribute to some damage, I can at least ensure less damage with this little baby! 

It retails for $129 and it's perfect for that beauty obsessed rose gold loving person (who might be yourself) in your life.

Have you tried this baby before? What are your thoughts on it?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own