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Hello my lovelies! I had a fabulously active day recently - I dragged my sleepy bum out of bed and headed into the city to attend an Xtend Barre class that was part of a launch for Milky Foot Active, and what a great way it was to get started! 

Image via Double Edge PR

For those unfamiliar with Xtend Barre, which I was, it's an incredibly massive workout and I could barely sit down without wincing the following day, so I knew that my body got really pumped the day before. Definitely worth trying!

At the end of it, we got to sit down and discuss Milky Foot Active, which is a specially designed formula for the active person.

This is similar to the normal Milky Foot in that it helps to exfoliate harden dead skin in one application, but what it also includes is tannic acid, which is meant to combat foot odour. Did you know that up to 55% of Aussies have a 'funky' foot problem? I know I'm one of them - I don't have the prettiest feet, and I have some thick bits of skin.  

To use this, it's very straightforward, just as you would any other foot exfoliating sock:
1) Pop the socks on
2) Put your own socks over them
3) Do your own thing for about 45 - 60 minutes
4) Take them off and rinse your feet
5) Watch your skin sock come off over the next five to seven days!

I found this to cause some reassuring tingling akin to putting peppermint cream on the soles of the feet while it was on.

After two days, I found the top of my feet peeling off before anything else! It even got to the ankle, and trust me, I didn't think I had ANY ankle skin that wanted to come off! I found this to cause lots of toe skin to come off, particularly between the toes, and it wasn't until day nine that serious sole skin sloughed off. Delightful description, I know, but now I can't stop touching my feet!

This retails for $32.95 and can be found in Priceline.

Excellent results for such a fun product! Have you tried this before? Would you be keen to?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. I have never tried one of these products, I have at least two variations sitting in my cupboard, the peeling is not very appealing :) Was it seriously gross? Or not so bad? I can't image having skin (esp. near my ankles!) peeling off everywhere.... :/

  2. I almost picked this up in the BH beautorium, however I didn't want a week of peeling door skin in summer!

  3. This is definitely sock weather type stuff.


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