Review: Andrea Roll On Hair Remover and Wax Strips *

Welcome to Summer, where sunny days are long and bod hair should be short.

I say should, because while I do like having smooth, hair free pins, some days, it can all sit in the too hard basket!

Thankfully, lazy groomers out there, or those that are simply low on time, can now rejoice! Andrea has come out with a couple of options that are a little less messy - read on and find out what's new on the hair removal market.

This is simple in theory - dampen your skin, then roll it over the skin like you would deodorant before sitting back and waiting for your hair to loosen it's grip on your skin. After approximately 2 to 8 minutes,wash it off and you should have lovely smooth skin.

Of course, this isn't without it's problems. The applicator doesn't spread the cream as evenly as I'd like and I find that I may have to go over an area a couple of times in order to get the right amount on that patch of skin. Otherwise, this is a rather clever idea (and I adore clever!) and you don't have to touch with cream with your hands, which makes me prefer it over the traditional tube. Thus, I feel that this is something that's worth a try! This retails for $16.99.

These assorted wax strips is another new product, and there are two sizes - one for the face and one for the body. Rub this between the hands for 15 seconds, then pop it on before whipping it right off. For one of the pre-waxed types, this actually performed really well on my upper lip. You can find this set for $11.99.

This does leave a bit of a residue, but it's really rather effective on the whole. I do like the innovative littleness of the strips - not just for the upper lip, but great for the brows as well.

As we all know, hair removal can be a tricky and time consuming business, so when someone comes out with a smart new thing, I think it's always worth trying! I also like the idea of packing the strips so that you can do things while away

Are these new releases that you'd be interested in? Would you prefer hair removal cream in a tube?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. I've only ever tried the tubed removal cream, this sounds interesting, might've been good if a small spatula was included, even for the roll on.

    1. I found this less messy, and yes, a small spatula might have been helpful!

  2. I love the Veet wax strips similar to these ones, so quick and easy and no mess! :) Not sure about the roll-on, Hair remover creams haven't been that fantastic in my experience, but I do like that you don't have to touch it. x

    1. I like hair remover creams for something that works while I'm doing other things - such is the life of the time poor!


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