New Release: Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune *

Let's talk about Shu Uemura! My first introduction to the brand was a while back, when I was still in my teens and my sister got each of us our own Shu Uemura eyelash curler, which was, and still is, the best eyelash curler I have used to date.

Therefore, you can imagine how excited I was when I was invited to the launch of the new collaboration with Maison Kitsune, as well as the opening of their revamped store in David Jones! Considering how cute their last collaboration was (Choupette, anybody?), and how quickly some of it went, I wasn't going to miss out on all of the gorgeousness this time! 

While the launch night was fun, and it was wonderful to see all the new and shiny, nothing quite compares to getting your hands on brand new makeup! If you're after what the range holds, you can find it online here, and here's the list:

1) Shu Eye and Cheek Palette in 01 and 02
2) Nail Enamel in Burgundy and Navy
3) Drawing Pencil in Burgundy and Navy and 01 and 02
4) Brush Set
5) Makeup Box
6) Natural Fel (eyelashes) in 01 and 02
7) Glow Creator
8) Eyelash Curler
9) Laque Supreme in Orange, Pink and Red
10) Uvub CC (base) in Pink and Beige
11) Co Ultime8 in 150 and 450 (cleanser)

This glaringly beautiful palette is 01 and retails for $98. The range of colours is fairly wide, going from silver and yellow to pink and purple, accompanied by an orange blush. As far as Spring palettes go, this is certainly one that fits in with the whimsical nature of the weather this time of year. It's almost too beautiful to touch!

I'm currently debating what else I might get from the range, and I'm torn between the too gorgeous nail polishes and the supremely cute eye pencils.

Have you seen the collection yet? What are you lusting after?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. Ooh I haven't heard of this collab before. The packaging is so adorable! I think that palette is for the daring - that matte orange! I like the top row of shades.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. WOW, this palette looks AMAZING! I have shu's lash curler but haven't tried any of their make up before, I'll have to pop in stores to have a look!

    1. I'm so tempted to get another one of their palettes!

  3. I am always so tempted by Shu's holiday palettes- such unique combinations of shades! This one looks just as lovely :)



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