Review: Uskincare Foot Pumice in Organic Wild Thyme

We've all been there - after getting your nails/brows/facial done and you're waiting out the front to pay, you browse through the products and wonder if there's anything there for you.

I recently picked up a pumice wash that I used a sample of and loved, and here's why! 

This little bottle of fantastic retails for $39 and smells wonderfully minty and somewhat herbally. The gritty bits in it are fine enough to exfoliate the dead skin off, and not just from the feet. I've been using it in the shower as an all over body scrub, and this is great for those days when you're sore and aching (particularly in Summer), as it has a wonderful tingle, which is very cooling.

Sadly, this scrub can be hard to get hold of, as it's a spa brand, but for those interested, they are stocked at That Organic Salon in Sydney, which only stocks cruelty free, and mostly vegan, brands, and they also do a vegan facial.

What's your favourite hard to obtain product?