Lady Jayne Minimalistic Leather Collection

Hello beauties!

I just thought I'd give you an overview of a new collection coming from Lady Jayne that I was lucky enough to win recently, and I'm glad I did, because it's such a great collection!

This collection is called Minimalistic Leather, and it's a mix of the feminine with something a little edgier - very cool!

Here's what's in the entire collection:
1) Large bow and elastic 
2) Bow and elastic (in black and red) 
3) Ball and chain elastics 
4) Headband - not pictured, if only!
5) Hair ties 
6) Pony snap cuff 
7) Pony semi cuff 
8) Bobby slides 
9) Bobby pins 

I'm pretty excited about this collection coming out, because then I can pick up the one piece that I don't have - the headband! I've already used every item in the pictures, and I might try doing some hair styles and incorporating the gorgeous bows into them.

Are you excited about the collection? Which of their other collections have you purchased in the past?


  1. I can't ever see myself wearing coloured bobby pins... I am loving the look of those bow ties though!

    1. I really need to do some hair looks and stuff with them!


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