Lust Have It May 2015

Oh, beauty boxes! I love you so, but why, or why, must you always run late? The May Lust Have It finally arrived last week, and here's what was in the box when I opened it.

Lust Have It has now taken to coming in a cardboard box, rather than their pink makeup pouches. For $19.95 a month, it is generally worth the cost, but it does take a while to get to you. Without much further ado, here's everything in the parcel.

1 and 2) Lonvitalite 24k Gold Facial Mask and Eye Mask (full size) - See full review for mask here. I've tried the eye mask previously and enjoyed it, so it's nice to see these two back! 
$1.99 and 1.99

3) Hola Seaweed Moisturising Lotion (full size) - Australian made skincare - always worth a try! 
$17.95 - $24.95 (range stated on the information card)

4) Bloom Liquid Foundation Brush (full size) - Believe it or not, I've never put foundation on with a brush before. I can now give it a go! 

5, 6 and 7) Soak Hair Shine Shampoo, Hair Revive Conditioner and Skin Booster Body Lotion - I received a body lotion from this brand a while back, but haven't used it yet, so I'm hoping this line is good, because I have another tube of the body lotion! These are all great travel sizes, and I have another three trips planned for the rest of the year, so they may well find themselves on a plane yet!
$1.25, 1.25 and 2.74

8) Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - Would you believe that this is about the 3rd bottle that I've received from a beauty box, and I still haven't tried it yet? Still, if I love it, there's plenty of back ups now!

Worth over $55, this is a very decent box from Lust Have It, as usual! If only they would run on time! For first time LHI subscribers, use the code 'TPRINCESS1' to get $5 off your first box. 

What's your favourite thing from this particular box? How do you feel about repeats? And have you entered my giveaway yet? See here for details!


  1. Hmm does look like a decent box, I tried Nuxe in my hair and on my skin, It doesn't feel too different to the other essential oils

    1. I didn't even think of trying it in my hair!

  2. This is actually a pretty good box from Lust Have It that I've seen on the blogs lately!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  3. Looks better than some previous boxes and that Nuxe smells divine! (I seem to have a thing for nice smelling products lol). Love the eye mask!

    1. We have that mask thing going, don't we!

  4. I got the lotion too! Pretty happy with this round of products. Check out my review too please.

  5. Bag twins!
    Except your pictures of everything are SO much prettier than mine, bwahahaha xD
    Wish I got the eye cream instead of the lotion!

    1. Same here! I have way too many lotions!

  6. This box is actually really decent. I'm the same as you, yet to try the Nuxe oil despite having a few samples of it around!


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