Petal Soft Paws: This Season's Skin Saviours

Hello Winter! I'm not keen on this season, given that I end up getting all bundled up and staying in and being boring, but this gives me the chance to break out a few different hand creams, as I have to reapply hand cream on a regular basis.

Here's what I'm currently running through:

Evodia Lemon Sorbet Hand Cream - This has shea butter and vitamin E in it to help keep the paws soft. This has a particularly lemony scent to it, and is slightly liquidy.

Innisfree Jeju Peach Hand Cream - This has a peachy floral scent to it, which I find very comforting. It's also relatively rich and thick, but does get absorbed quite quickly.

Natio Spa Organics Heavenly Hand Cream - A bit of a coconuty scent, this is definitely more of a lotion than a cream.

Anatomicals Be Good With Your Hands In Bed Night Time Hand Cream - Of all of them, this is the richest hand cream I have, and the most travel friendly. This smells of melon and aloe and it also has a great, if long, name.

The Face Shop Mini Pet Floral Hand Cream - This is the CUTEST hand cream I've ever bought! It's shaped like a little cat in a flower pot. I mean, how much cuter could it possibly get? This has a thin consistency, which means that it gets absorbed quite quickly, but conversely, it's not very rich.

How are you keeping your paws happy? What would you like to try?


  1. Bah the face shop hand cream is so cute!!!!! I'm using my swisse handcream, i'll move into some random mango one afterwards... I still feel that l'occitane's hand creams are by far the best I've used!

    1. Too cute, right? And L'Occitane does make some great hand creams!


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