September Lust Have It 2014!

Hello lovelies! I realise that this review is really late, but sadly, so was this box! Was the wait worth it? Read on to find out!

This month, it arrived in the now customary pink mesh pouch, and oddly enough, without a product card. Luckily for me, it arrived in my gmail account shortly after I got my box, so I got a clear explanation of things.

For people who don't know what Lust Have It is, it's a monthly subscription box that delivers beauty goodies to your doorstep each month for $19.95. If you're looking to try it, you can get $5 off your first box by using the code 'TPRINCESS'.

Without further ado, purely because it's already taken long enough, here's everything that I got in this month's box!

How great does this look? Here's a breakdown of everything.

1) Model Co Lip Lacquer (full size) in Fire Red - I know there's been talk of Model Co being in every box in the past, but this is a little exciting, because this is a new product and I got it in a gorgeous colour! I hope it's better than their lipstick, though, because that didn't knock my socks off when I tried it.

2) Glam Manicare Express 3 in 1 Nail Art Pen (full size) - I love the look of this! I received this in a brilliant dark blue. This is obviously meant to be a pen that allows you to draw, paint and apply small nail art stones. I wonder if the nib would clog - fingers crossed it's not for a while!

3) The Cosmetic Kitchen Macadamia Highlighter Butter Creme (full size) - This is a vegan and cruelty free highlighter, and this looks gorgeous! I'll have to take this for a test drive soon!

4) Urban Skincare Co Repair + Body Balm - This is meant to moisturise skin without leaving that dreaded greasy residue. It comes in a fairly generous 35ml tube, so I can get a couple of uses out of this.

5) Uriage Surgra Liquide - This cleanser is meant to be soap-free and gentle on sensitive skin. Given that I don't have sensitive skin, it doesn't matter to me much, but this will certainly be used.

6) Model Co - A number of samples from their new skincare line!
- Instant Miracle Booster Brightening and Firming Serum 
- Exfoliating Cream Facial Scrub 
- Double Sided Facial Wipes 
- Soothing Day and Night Moisturiser 

And that's the September box from Lust Have It! For the price of $19.95, I got a box worth $66.37! And it's filled with things that I would really like to try - winning!

Now, if they could only deliver things on time...


  1. I was a little scared of the highlighter initially, but I love it!! The darker tone is perfect for my skin. The Model Co Lip Lacquer is super sticky and not my favourite, but I love the Urban Skincare Co skin balm - smells gorgeous!!

    1. Oh dear... I'm concerned I'm gonna feel that way about the lacquer too.


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