September Bella Box Review 2014

Bella Box! Always the first to come, and the cheapest of all the subscription boxes, this little beauty arrived while I was away in a small brown box for a change. 

At $15 per month, Bella Box will send you a mix of samples and full size items. There are variations from box to box, but there's usually a key item that everyone would get.

Here are all the items on the card! As you can see, there are some full size ones! Always exciting when that happens!

This month, these products arrived in a brown box, not their signature blue box, due to a 'wardrobe malfunction'. The normal boxes are meant to come back this month. Quite honestly, I don't think these would have fit in the normal boxes anyway!

1) Gelogic Nail Enamel (full size) - This is a chip resistant top coat that's meant to have a gel-like shine! Eeee! I was in need of a new top coat, so yay!

2) Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner - After being a big Pantene user for years, I can honestly say that this is a nice inclusion, as I know how my hair reacts to it, which makes it super great for travel. I prefer to use these over hotel toiletries.

3) Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo - I've used a few Pureology products before and quite liked them. I believe they are vegan and cruelty free - this makes it a bit of a winner!

4) Cedel Scented Hairspray in Oriental Blossom (full size) - Ooh! I quite like this hairspray! I have it in Coconut, which I use on my bangs and it has a lovely subtle smell, so this is exciting!

5) Sleek Makeup Eye Dust (looks to be full size) -  My camera had a hell of a time trying to capture this! There's no price tag on this, but I think this might be full size? It's a gorgeous shimmery blue and I love Sleek stuff, so it's really great seeing this appear in a beauty box!  

6) Revlon Colourstay Foundation - Small sachet and not quite my colour. I might just pass this on.

7) Garnier Perfect Blur - I haven't heard anything particularly spectacular about this one, but I'm happy to try it and see how it turns out!

This is quite an impressive Bella Box, I will say! $15 for three full size items, and a few travel friendly ones - a bit of a bargain, really! It comes in at around $26.90 (and possibly more, given that there's no retail price for the Sleek), this is actually not all that expensive, but a very useful box nonetheless.

What did you think of it when you opened yours? Which item did you get the most excited about?


  1. It is very interesting to see the differences between each Bellabox. I received a few of the same items; otherwise, my box is very different to yours.

    1. Always good to see what's in someone else's box!

  2. Oh wow that's a lot of hair products! The cedel spray reminds me, I need to get a new bottle of dry shampoo!

    1. Happy to help! Haha... Yeah, but it's stuff that I'll be getting use out of, at least!


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