Vogue's Fashion Night Out 2014


Hello gorgeous readers! I know that I often do a weekend focus on Mondays, but I want to have a chat about an event that I was very lucky to attend recently. I was a very lucky winner a few weeks ago, when I entered a competition, and I was given the chance to attend Vogue's Fashion Night Out on the other side of the velvet ropes!

What exactly is Vogue's Fashion Night Out? Created as a way to encourage people to shop during the recession, this night of exclusive deals now spans twenty cities, including Sydney. During this time, a number of different retailers have exciting deals on, competitions, and occasionally celebrities turning up. This year, it took place on the 4th of September, which was last Thursday. 

As to what I won, I was given the chance to go on a tour with someone from the magazine, as well as some spending money. I also got the chance to have a plus one, so of course, I had to have Mrs AM with me! It made life easier that my other potential plus ones are currently pregnant, thus making the narrowing down process that much easier. 

Things kicked off at 4 PM when we met up at Hyde Park, and we had free flowing champagne and canapes. The weather got a little questionable, but improved as the night wore on. There were five winners in total, but only four pairs of people turned up, and everyone was really lovely! 

G.H. Mumm was one of the major sponsors of the evening, and they certainly brought their A-game!

We moved on to the Olympus stand, who happened to be one of the sponsors for the evening, and had our pictures taken there for a laugh. 

We then dabbled in a little nail painting, where we got to pick a shade to place on our nails. I went straight for the fuchsia, while Mrs AM got a lovely robin egg's blue put on hers. 

This lovely girl, who did my nails, did such a great job of it, and was very accommodating, and let me take a picture of her! Imagine working out in the cold, painting nails that night, and missing the shopping! She was very sweet, and let me talk her ear off.

As you can see, pretty much the whole group got into the nail action, aside from the only man in the group (who, incidentally, was the one who won the competition, of that particular pair!).

The Swarovski store was our next stop, where extra-glittery people walked around offering small bite sized pieces of chocolate while we perused the wares. We broke off from the group at that point, and ran around the stores a little, looking at all the pretty things we were considering buying. 

We then had a bit of a meet and greet with some designers. Rebecca Vallance has some gorgeous items out in David Jones right now - I highly recommend checking them out!

After that, we headed up to level 7 of David Jones, and went to the VIP bar. They had some food stalls set up around the area, and it was all very fancy looking.

Did I mention that Erica Heynatz was the one, in addition to a few other Vogue members (who were super nice), who gave us the tour? She was very candid and really funny and nice in person - not to mention incredibly tall!

The evening ended with us at Martin Place, at the G.H. Mumm bar, and we had a couple more drinks before Mrs AM and I headed back into the city to pop into Sportsgirl. 

It was a ridiculously enjoyable evening, and I felt incredibly lucky to have had been a part of it all. I can't wait to do it all again next year, and head back into the city for another night of great deals and shopping. The way the city came alive... It was beautiful!

Did anyone else go this year? Does this make you want to head into VFNO next year?


  1. You look stunning Leah and ofcourse mrs.am too

    I have not been to any vogue event but would love to one day after seeing how much fun you had

    1. Thanks, Varinder! You should definitely try to make it down for the next one!

  2. Oh wow this looks amazing. What a big night! You look gorgeous by the way :)

    1. Thanks, Jasmine! That's really sweet. It was phenomenal!


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