My Boe Beauty Haul!

Matte Lip Cream in Pillarbox; Jumbo Wind Up Lips in Manic Pink; Eyeshadow Duo in Pink and Purple; Lipstick in Perfect Pink; Matte Lipstick in NYC Matte Red

While I was in Melbourne over the weekend, I managed to pop into Big W, which was excellent, because all the Big Ws here in Sydney are far, far from my place!

I ducked in JUST to get the much talked about Boe Beauty products that's been circulating on social media recently, and I ended up buying five items!

In total, I procured:
1) Matte Lip Cream in Pillarbox
2) Jumbo Wind Up Lips in Manic Pink
3) Eyeshadow Duo in pink and purple
4) Lipstick in Perfect Pink
5) Matte Lipstick in NYC Matte Red

For all of the above, I spent a hefty $10, at $2 a pop!

Eyeshadow Duo in Pink and Purple; Matte Lip Cream in Pillarbox; Jumbo Wind Up Lips in Manic Pink; Lipstick in Perfect Pink; Matte Lipstick in NYC Matte Red

I got some swatches for you guys too! They are as above, from left to right. 

So, just what's the verdict? I haven't properly tested the eye shadows on my lids yet, but I didn't mind the way they felt when I swatched them, aside from that they were a little powdery. 

While the matte lip cream comes out beautifully, it doesn't quite dry down on the lips, and ends up still a little sticky, which is somewhat disappointing.

The Jumbo Wind Up Lips is reasonably sheer, but does add a bit of colour. However, it leaves the lips feeling a little tacky. The lipstick, while pale, is actually reasonably pigmented, but also a little drying. 

My favourite out of them all has to be the matte lipstick - glides on, stains the lips and is just so pretty! I wish I could find it in a bunch of other colours too. 

Overall, I'm happy with two out of five items - not a bad experiment for $10.

Have you tried anything from Boe Beauty before? What's your favourite?


  1. The matte lip cream looks amazing swatched, shames it doesn't perform as well! I love the wind up lips and haven't found them drying at all which is odd cause practically every lip product leaves me dry! I've heard their pressed powders are supposed to be great. x

    1. For $2, I would be happy to give their pressed powders a go!

  2. oooh nice stuff you have picked up, loving the matte lip cream and its color but too bad it's not doing its job.

  3. I have some of the products from Boe and they are pretty good for the price tag
    My disappointment is the lippie only because of the colour being slighty different than shown on the outer packaging
    I have the perfect pink lippie

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  4. I'm a bit slow with jumping into new brands and products >_< I still haven't got my hands on essence yet, ah what am I doing with my life?! The matte lipstick looks gorgeous indeed, i'll have to have a look next time I'm at bigw!

    1. Lily, what are you doing?!?! Go straight to Essence, and buy EVERYTHING! I'd try Essence before Boe - but you should try both!


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