My Weekend In Melbourne!

This weekend marked a big celebration for one of my nearest and dearest, and what better way to do things in style than to take off to Melbourne for a huge shopping weekend? Mrs AM, who happens to be one of my favouritest people (smart, funny, accomplished AND loyal? Don't you just hate her already?), was able to take the time off on Friday, and we caught a dreadfully early morning flight, just so we could get plenty of shopping done!

As part of her birthday extravaganza, I painted t-shirts for us to wear, and she was such a good sport, she put it on without even finding out what was on the back of it!

We started by shopping on Bridge Road, and she found a bunch of really cute dresses.

We then headed off to the DFO in the city, and being the dorks we were, we just HAD to buy matching hatd.

The evening ended with the presentation of her birthday presents, which was bunny themed! I also threw a whole lot of fun sized chocolates around on her bed - the girl version of confetti!

As part of her bunny themed birthday, I also got her a card that said,"Some bunny loves you". Cheesy, I know, but funny!

I got a bunch of bunny items, including pyjamas, a sweater, shower gel, slippers, chocolate, tights and socks. As you may have guessed by now, she loves bunnies! 

Day two kicked off with a bang, after a long sleep in! We headed to the Napoleon counter at David Jones, where Mrs AM got a makeover, and she went from hot to hotter.

She went with a day smoky eye - isn't she stunning there?

We spent the day window shopping around the city, and went to Emporium for the first time, which was gorgeous! 

As part of their great big shopping event, they had specials and interesting deals going on, and Mrs AM got her hair straightened at no charge. Honestly, she's a good friend - she lets me get away with a lot of things, dragging her to the make up counter, getting her hair done... I can get pretty pushy!

Our last day there was a cruisey affair. We had a bit of a late start, but still managed to take a selfie!

We headed to the Camberwell Markets, and while we turned up a little late, we still managed to snag a few good bargains!

And that's everything we did! Melbourne, we had a blast, as usual. The weather was gorgeous, and we were warm most of the time. It was amazing, and we can't wait to head back!

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. so glad that you enjoyed visiting melbourne
    i have never visited that emporium even though I live in melbourne...
    Mr's Am is gorgeous and ofcourse you too,,

    1. Thanks, hon! I love Melbourne, it's always lovely.

  2. What a fun birthday it must have been. ^^
    The smoky eye is lovely on Mrs Am! ^^

  3. Oh sweetie very good for you!
    My best wishes to you~

  4. Looks like you had a blast. I don't get down to Melbourne as often as I'd like!! Looks like the weather was Gorg! We've had some real busy weekends (with no end in sight) one of the reasons I love this time of year :) what did you buy?

    1. I was very restrained, oddly enough! I didn't buy much, but what I did buy, I really wanted. Is this a sign of maturity?

  5. Really interesting blog post! How good is the Emporium?! I am obsessed :)

    1. It was amazing! I can't wait to go back there!

  6. What a wonderful weekend. Melbourne is just perfect for a weekend like this.
    I love all the thoughtful little gifts you had. I'm sure she felt special.
    It is so important to nourish our friendships.

    1. I'm lucky I have HER! We went through the wilderness of Uni together, and leaned on each other throughout the early years. She's one of the best people I know!


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