August Lust Have It FaB Subscription 2014!

I think it's common knowledge that I'm a bargain hunter, and this month's Lust Have It FaB box proves that I'm a pretty decent one!

Back in June, when they were doing their end of financial year sale, LHI put out a twelve month subscription for their FaB box at a highly discounted price, and in his inebriated state, I managed to wrangle it as a present from my other half, in exchange for cleaning the wash room for a whole year. I've definitely come out ahead in that particular bargain!

Lust Have It's Fashion and Beauty box (hence FaB) is around $35 per month, and this month's includes three Butter London polishes! Having wanted to try this range for a while, it's really exciting to see them in my box this month!

1) Butter London Nail Lacquer in Crumpet - This is a lovely nude shade that makes me hungry! Perhaps it the caramel reference, perhaps it's the brand name? These polishes, incidentally, are three free and cruelty free - so far, so good!

2) Butter London Nail Lacquer in Lovely Jubbly - Sparkles! Love, love, love the shiny! This is going to be a fun one to play around with!

3) Butter London Nail Lacquer in British Racing Green - This is my absolute favourite one out of the lot. Look at how green and rich this shade is! 

4) Spring Crystal Bracelet - LHI seems to like their neon colours and copper shades. While this isn't something I'd usually reach for, it might work with certain outfits.

5) Spring Crystal Pendant - I've been looking for a necklace that's kinda girly with a bit of a pop, and this might be it! 

While there isn't much in the way of variety, I do love that I'm going to get to try Butter London polishes!

Are you interested in FaB boxes? Which nail polish is your favourite from the bunch?


  1. I also got this box and and those Nail Lacquer are just FaB(ulous) (sorry couldn't resist). I've been trying them over the last week and I'm really happy with the results. My favorite has to be Lovely Jubbly, since I have nothing that comes close and in gave opaque results in two coats; I've never had that before with a glitter.

    I feel that these boxes are worth it just for the cosmetics. The accessories can be a bit ostentatious, but the cosmetics are always worth more than the boxes price.

    ~ Annie V. from

    1. I agree that the accessories can be a little hit and miss, and I also think that the beauty items are better than the accessories themselves, but I would have probably preferred a mix of polishes and something else form Butter, maybe a nail strengthener or something? Just so you're not trying the same stuff from them.

  2. I just love sparkly nail polish!

  3. Lovely Jubbly looks jubbly indeed!! is that even a word!?!

  4. Ooh, nice selections! I love the quality of Butter London polishes. Have a great weekend, Leah! xo


    1. I've heard mixed reviews for them, so I'm curious. Do love the colour, though!


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