Small Priceline Skincare Haul

Hello, gorgeous readers! I'm sure every man and his dog (not that they would care) heard about the Priceline 40% off skincare sale that happened last week, and while I needed to buy more skincare like I would have needed a hole in the head - seeing as I sometimes forget the simplest of things already, I think I might have one to begin with - I just HAD to go check it out!

I ended up standing in the aisles for 20 minutes, debating what I might have needed that I didn't already have a million of (more for my husband, mind you, sometimes I feel sorry for him when he tries to squeeze his one little pump bottle of Cetaphil in amongst my field of skincare products), and ended up picking up three, or rather, four items.

First off, I thought I'd get something from Formula 10.0.6, which is a brand that I've known forever, but never actually got anything from. I remember this brand from before they did an overhaul of the packaging, and this is so much cuter than what it used to look like! 

This little duo consisting of two full size products - a cleanser and a mud mask - both designed to give you brighter skin. And isn't that the cutest name for a mud mask? Pore Be Pure is exactly what I want them to be!

Anatomicals was the next brand I wanted to try, and from their range, I grabbed two items - a citrus body scrub called the buff stuff and a lilac scented body lotion, and they both smell divine! These little babies hit our shores not long ago, and I was getting sick (with ENVY) of all the Instagram pictures I was seeing of them, and as such, thought it was time to dip my toe into the pool.

I have already started using the body lotion, which is soft and lovely, and makes me want to try their other body lotions.

I'm really glad I picked up these products! Did anyone else participate during the sale period? Have you tried anything from either range?


  1. I was a good girl and refrained from purchasing MORE skincare since I'd already got the goody bag recently. I haven't tried any of these, am interested in the Formula 10.0.6 products. My poor hubs is always complaining of his lack of shelf space...he's lucky he gets a 1/4... bit like the bed! hahah

  2. Ohhh great haul! I didn't pick anything up in the latest sale but I really wish I had! xx

    1. I knew this would have happened if I hadn't gone!


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