Quick And Easy Hairdos Featuring Lady Jayne *

I love, love, love my hair, but sometimes, I need some inspiration when it comes to doing something different. When I was sent this little parcel of hair items, I was really excited, because there were things I'd never seen before from Lady Jayne.

First up, I was sent this teasing brush. I didn't know that they even had a teasing brush! I could have really used this for my 50's day out last year - that back combing took a seriously long time! I'm looking to do a 20's day this year, so this might be handy then? Having tried this out, I can honestly say - this is AMAZING for teasing, if you're in need of such an instrument. 

Can I just say that I love the colours of these combs? I'll be honest - I haven't used a comb for ages. That said, I was without a brush for years, so... clearly I've come a long way! What I do love about being a blogger, though, is being able to rise to a challenge, and find applications for certain products. 

I have been using this brush for my bangs, particularly with adding a light mist of hair spray on it so that I don't end up with crispy, stiff hair, and while I think my skills still need a bit of work, it's certainly helping!

The colours of this comb remind me of mermaids! Being a very wide tooth comb, this little gem has been handy for getting through the fiddly bits at the end of my hair, resulting in a smoother finish.

This pointy ended fine tooth comb is perfect for parting my hair and teasing the more stubborn and smaller sections of hair. Also, as an aside, my cat loves this! And who am I to argue with my cat?

This hair tie is gorgeous! I will admit that I adore simple, gimmicky hair accessories, making it easy to get away with a quick 'do - this solid silver-toned bow has been almost worn out, it's been used so often! I really need to try and track down the rest of the collection!

Now, in my bid to try something different, I gave my new toys a whirl and here are the results!

I ended up making a high, HUGE pony tail, big and messy and teased to within an inch of it's life - it actually ended up being really quite cute from the front! I topped it off by wearing that gorgeous silver bow hair tie - adorable!

For the second, less perky, and more polished look, I pulled my hair back into a slightly more elaborate braid, and finished it by using the silver bow hair tie again. I couldn't help it - it's just so cute! I could also have used some bobby pins just to neaten it up a little, but I didn't want to lose the light! 

And there you have it - quick and easy! For more information on Lady Jayne, hop over here.

What would you have created? Have you checked out the collection yet?

*These products were kindly sent to me for my consideration.


  1. I have the teasing comb and I love it to bits
    Perfect for my thick wavy hair
    Love the look you created Leah

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

    1. Thank you! I do love that teasing brush - it's amazing!

  2. Aw I love the pony tail bow, it's adorable! goodness, so many different types of brushes. I've tried teasing my hair once, but it got really knotty! Maybe I wasn't using the right brush!

  3. Nice. I love the big teased pony tail!


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