Review: Original & Mineral (O&M) Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque *

This weather has really been messing with my hair, as has my recent return in the last 6 months to colouring my hair! It was, then, a lovely surprise to be sent this little baby by Pearl from Miss Pearl Store to soothe my tired tresses!

Don't be fooled by this little 250ml bottle - while it may be small, it certainly packs quite a punch! This moisture masque contains all sorts of stuff to help store your hair to it's former glory, including macadamia seed oil and argan oil and vanilla bean to add a slightly sweet scent.

This opens with a push on the lid, and you're meant to leave it in for at least 2 minutes, which, let's be honest, is as long as you'd like to be without water for in this weather, while huddled in the shower! What I'm left with, once my hair dries, is a mane of very soft, residue free hair that also has a bit of body, which is amazing, because my long, straight Asian hair doesn't do body on it's own!

Don't forget that Miss Pearl Store has free shipping within Australia - head over and have a look!

In short, I think it's amazing! Have you tried anything by O&M before? What's your favourite from the range?

*This item was kindly sent to me for my consideration


  1. Sounds great! Love a hair mask that only takes a few minutes :)

    1. What I love, really, is the lack of residue AND soft hair!

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    1. Hi Vicky, thanks for coming by! I'll pop over to yours soon!

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    1. Hi Antonella! Thanks for coming by, I'll definitely check out your blog!


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