7 Wonders of May 2014

I don't tend to do a favourites post, but I've decided that the time is NOW to change all that! Here are all the products that I loved in the month of May!

1) Puretopia Whisk Away Cleanser - read all about it here. I love how it makes my skin feel and it smells divine! Also, the name makes me think about egg whites - all fluffy and gorgeous!

2) The Colour Theory Eyeshadow Duo in Berrylicious - yummy name and great colour payoff! This little duo is quite shimmery, and a definite winner! You need to try this to know what it really looks like. Gorgeous!

3) Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - this palette is FILLED with gorgeous rose shades, and it's perfect for lightening up a look this dark time of year.

4) Colour by TBN Lipstick - cheap, pigmented and soft! I'm NOT loving how easily it breaks off within the tube, however, so don't press too hard if you have one of these!

5) Dermalex Repair - OMG. This? This right here? Amazing for my eczema! I don't suffer from it much, but when I do (due to stress, generally), it is usually over my right eye AND under my left eye, and this really makes a big difference to my skin.

6) NYX Blush in Pinched - pigmented, and adds a flush to my cheeks. Silky, but beware - this baby is easy to overdose on!

7) Chanel No. 5 EDP - a classic and a recent gift from a client! This is gorgeous, and every time I wear it, I feel totally grown up, and it's a heavy scent, making it perfect for this time of year.

And that's it for May! What's on your favourites list right now?


  1. The palette is so sweet! Great colors~ They remind me chocolate! ^^

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    1. Gorgeous palette! I agreed - it's almost edible!

  2. Great minds think alike! :) I was planning on starting a monthly favourites..

    1. lmao I was thinking the EXACT same thing a few days ago, I was going through all these favourites posts and thought "hmmm why don't I have one?". Although my product turnover rate is quite low

    2. I love how we're all on the same wavelength!


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