Review: Eco Care Facial Cleansing Wipes in Organic Rose with Chamomile *

I'm a bit of a lazy girl, I will admit, and since I discovered Wotnot wipes, I have been using them religiously. That said, I do still use makeup remover, but I sometimes find that they leave more of a residue than I'd like them to, even the somewhat oily ones that are marked as oil free.

Pearl, at Miss Pearl Store, recently sent me a pack of hypoallergenic, alcohol free facial cleansing wipes by Eco Care, which is a brand that is based in the UK. It uses certified organic ingredients, and the wipes themselves are made of organic cotton. 

It comes in a pack of 25, and there is one other type of wipes in the range, which smells of apple and honey. I've been a big fan of wipes, for their convenience, for a long time, but what I tend to find lacking is the oil from your face, at the end of using it, and also what's left - some of your makeup. 

With these wipes, they aren't terribly moisturising, but I imagine that they might be ideal for someone with oily skin. On my normal skin, it doesn't feel like it strips my skin of it's natural oils, but it also doesn't feel like I've just put moisturiser on it. This makes me curious as to how it'd perform on my skin in the Summer, when I tend to be, sorry, but I have to say it, a little sweatier. 

Also, I find that this effectively removes most of my makeup, and the texture isn't very abrasive either - nothing worse than facial wipes that feel like sandpaper! A very enjoyable set of wipes that I may be using more of in the warmer months!

Don't forget that Miss Pearl Store ships within Australia for free!

Have you tried anything from Eco Care before? 

*This item was kindly provided for my consideration


  1. Thank you for the review dear! I've never heard about Eco Care. It sounds like a great brand :)

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    1. Hi Rinako! No problem - I'm currently enjoying using them!

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    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by - they are some really lovely wipes!

  3. I'm awfully slow when it comes to finishing products, I'm still trying to finish my wotnot, simple and FOA wipes.. but i'll add this one onto my list, i do like eco products!


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