There is Something in the Air and a Sable Under the Tree this Christmas ft In Essence, Garbo & Kelly and Oil Garden - Gift Guide Part 9

We're now in the home stretch! Don't panic, if you're still running through your list - I mean, Christmas is still another 17 hours away! It's practically a whole day, really, so don't you worry your pretty little head about this - we'll have you all sorted out, if you're still seeking some goodies to finish off your list. Now, time's awasting, let's get cracking!

This year, you can place a sable under the tree, as per one of the sexiest Christmas songs, Santa Baby, and by that, I mean you can get the Garbo & Kelly Beauty Brow Kit. This contains 5 different products, including the centerpiece of it all, the brow powder, which is available in Sable, as pictured here. The other products in the kit are the clear brow gel, brow guides, tweezers and brow brush. all placed into this gorgeous, glossy black pouch with the cutest little furry pom pom to help zip it all in. This is valued at over $200, but will only set you back 50% of the price, at $99. Get all the information on Garbo & Kelly, and their sets, over here.

If you don't already know Oil Garden, then you should really get acquainted with the brand over here, here, here and most relevant of all, here. I feel like the products speak for themselves, and these would make a great stocking stuffer, or, if you're after something that you could place into a box and doll it up beautifully. Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about Oil Garden, and if you're looking to stock up on this for your stocking, or otherwise, head over here

Well, now that you've made it to the very last part of the very last Christmas post, I'm pulling out the big guns! And by that, I mean I'm going to blast you(r senses) away! In Essence has brought out some absolute stunners this year, and you can find them all online, and also at David Jones. We are talking gift sets to meet your needs and your budget - ranging from the cutest Christmas bauble, of which you can pick from either Stress or Sleep, to sets that include a diffuser, which are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Of all of these, the one that I love the most has to be the Aurora Diffuser and Reef Blend Gift Set. This is one that I'd love to find under the tree, because it has a great oil to get started with, which is both refreshing and Summery, and a diffuser that is gorgeous and works like a well oiled machine.

And with that, the gift guide ends, and I hope that you're all sorted for a new and unusual sort of Christmas, with the restrictions that are currently in place for the global pandemic that we're going through. Please stay safe, contact your loved ones, and reach out if you're feeling low. Sending virtual hugs to all of you this week, as we start to round out the year. Be kind and be happy.

*These products were provided for editorial consideration


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