Review: Alletia Triple Active Serum Booster


I know that, traditionally, we'd see out the end of the year with a bang, quite literally, considering that here in Sydney, we always have the 9 PM fireworks for the little ones, followed by the grand finale at midnight. However, given the events of the year, I feel like it's more about a low key closure to the year, gently seeing it out, and heralding in some fresh hope for 2020.

And so, for the last post of the year, I'd like to talk about a brand that I was introduced to in 2020, and one that I'm really happy to have tried. The Alletia Triple Active Serum Booster has a plant-based formula containing kakadu plum and buriti fruit oil, and this works to reverse the signs of skin ageing, while repairing sun damage, dark spots and it also adds moisture to the skin. 

The Triple Active Serum Booster's active ingredient is the SWT-7, which is meant to be what's integral to the stimulation of cell growth, as well as encouraging the regeneration and thickness of the skin's surface. This comes in a gorgeous silver and white cylinder with a pump that is flush with the top of the bottle. The product itself is clear, and has a slightly viscous consistency. Once I spread it over the skin, it takes a while for it to sink into the skin, and it does still feel like there's a very slight film on my face. I feel like the main advantage of this particular serum is that it hydrates the skin quite well, which I appreciate, and it actually may be a little better in the cooler months.

This serum is cruelty free, vegan and oil free, and it can be yours for $79.95. You can find all the information on the brand, and the serum, over here. What is the one thing that you tend to target when you're picking the serum that you want to try, and do you feel like your needs change over time?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration


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