Review: California Mango Bath and Body Care Range

I'm not going to lie, you guys, the love is real! I was sent a kit from California Mango recently, and I've been liberally slathering all of this on my body, and OH MY GOD, I'm so ready for Summer to come along! This range makes me think of sunny days, cold ice cream running faster than I can lick it up, and beach waves.

Ok, so, let's start at the beginning - who is California Mango, and why should you be buying their products? They are a, you guessed it, California based, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free company that embodies everything you'd expect from that sunny, gorgeous spot a 12 hour plane ride away from Sydney. California Mango was created to invoke images of soft, breezy beaches, beautiful sunsets and the warm, salty sea as you apply all that goodness to your body. What began as a brand in high-end salons and spas is now available commercially for everyone, because you can now get this online in the States, and in Australia!

All the products have one ingredient in common - I'm gonna let you guess what that is - and depending on what that is, this ingredient is used in combination with a number of other botanicals to create a bunch of different, and wonderful, products! For example, their Cleansing Gel has mango to help restore skin elasticity, acai for antioxidants, aloe to soothe the skin, goji to reduce flaky skin and pomegranate for repairing skin, as well as vitamin E. Their Exfoliating Scrub has almost the same ingredients, without the pomegranate, but also has grape for the antioxidants, jojoba to help keep the skin soft, papaya for skin renewal and sunflower to protect it. 

All of that aside, I just love how it smells! I fully expected this to be have the scent of sweet, juicy mango, but instead, it has a mango scent at it's very core, that is also co-mingling with something else that's a little nutty, otherwise fruity, and all around delicious. This is not the saccharine, sweetness that hails from childhood fruity lotions. Instead, this is a grown up, Summery, delight inducing goodness that will have you reaching for more. I love that the Exfoliating Scrub isn't harsh on my skin, and that the Cleansing Gel is actually quite creamy and goes over the skin beautifully. The Hand and Body Lotion soothes my still dry from the Winter skin, and leaves it feeling rich and soft.

I haven't had a chance to try the Lip Balm, Treatment Balm or Extreme Cream at this point just yet, but I think my elbows and hands are in need of a little extra TLC that the Hand and Body Lotion hasn't been able to resolve for me, despite it's best efforts! You can find these delicious treats over here, and I'm already eyeing up the Body Butter and Massage Cream!

Have you tried California Mango before? Which product is your favourite?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration