Christmas Gift Guide - Priceline ft. Batiste, Nivea, A'Kin, Avene, Klorane, Karen Murrell, Kotia and Milk & Co

A post on a Wednesday? What kind of madness is this and what year are we in? Well, folks, as you may be aware, Christmas continues to bear down on us, and we're ticking along towards it at a pace that feels faster than normal, but trust me on this one, it just feels that way, because as much as we try, we can never be fully prepared for the magnitude of Christmas!

Thankfully, you can always carve a little bit of time out of your already crazy lives and work schedules for a little bit of love and laughter, because Christmas is really about togetherness with your family and friends, right? And of course, with that many Priceline stores in Australia, you're never too far from a gift emporium this festive season.

Batiste has released new kits for Christmas, and I'm loving them! Like the ones from last year, these contain a full sized dry shampoo, available in Tempt and Wildflower, as well as a hairbrush. Excellent value and easy to wrap, these sets are too pretty to pass up! At only less than $10 per pack, this is a no brainer for that dry shampoo addict in the crowd!

If it's everyday goodies at a great price in cute packaging you're after, how about Nivea? As they did last year, they've got some super cuties available this time of year, so hop on in store! Now, the Christmas Minis Box pictured here with the little reindeer face (seriously adorable!) isn't actually available in Priceline (it is at Woolworths, however), but there is a lip balm collection that can be found in store, and every holiday gift pack is priced at under $30. For the budget conscious babes who are after products that you will use, Nivea is a sure crowd pleaser! Also, they have packs for the men too, so if that doesn't grab you, I don't know what will!

If you're feeling inundated with all of the good things coming at you this Christmas, then perhaps you'd like to sample bits of everything, whether it's for you, or for someone else. I personally love giving, and getting, face masks, because there's something so wonderful about spreading the joy of good skin, which can also be used as a bonding exercise for a fun night in with the girls. A'Kin and their range of face sheet masks will have you targeting your problems with the right mask, and force your loved one to take some time off by relaxing.

Skincare and makeup will have lots of crossovers, but none quite so remarkable as when your base is good for your face. The Avene Tinted Compact Cream has SPF 50 and amazing coverage, and will keep you looking fresh all day. It may surprise you, but there are so many babes out there who love getting a smooth base for their daily make up, so why wouldn't this be an awesome present to give?  Available in two shades, it certainly helps with picking the right compact for your (or their) skin tone! Speaking of fresh, here's a present that I've already slipped into someone's stocking - the Klorane XL Dry Shampoo! May they take a lot longer to run out than usual, and I hope they think of me the next time they have a good hair day! Released earlier this year, I can guarantee that just about any dry shampoo addict wouldn't be bummed about receiving it!

Sneak in a little bit of luxe with Karen Murrell this Christmas by sliding one of these palettes into their stocking, but only if they've been nice, of course! Otherwise, you can always sneak one of these into your own stocking, because you've been nothing but nice, am I right? With five shades available in this kit, it's the perfect desk companion for those who need to freshen up between going from day to night, or for those who want versatility without bulky lipsticks taking up all the room in their handbag. The shade range is beautiful, and it also comes in this stunning box - I won't spoil the surprise for you entirely, but trust me on this one, it's worth hiding this, just in case your intended gift receiver tries to sneak a peek.

Of course, I wouldn't be rounding out a good Christmas spread if I didn't talk about ways to get handsy - by giving the gift of smooth hands via hand creams! My new discovery of the year, Kotia, is a deer milk based range of skincare goodies, and aside from their hand cream, I love their overnight sleep mask too, so if you're in the mood to try something new, make sure you poke around their products in Priceline!

And last, but not least, Milk & Co with their Hand Quench is lightness personified, and well worth having in your handbag for that quick pick me up. Absorbed quickly, leaving hands smooth and soft, I love this for that bit of overnight rehydration - goodbye sad dry skin, hello soft and supple hands! A one for you, one for me system is definitely called for, because who doesn't like beautiful skin?

And with that, I hope I've inspired some ideas for Christmas, particularly for those on a smaller budget, because there are so many products out there that you could craft into an amazing gift!