Christmas Gift Guide: Luxe Edition

Now, with the countdown to Christmas ticking away steadily, it's time to talk about what else is out there to buy - specifically, the luxurious goodies that you should be splashing out on, whether it's for yourself or your loved ones! And let's face it - sometimes it's a one for me, one for you type situation, isn't it?

So pack up your wallet, grab your bag, and head in the direction of Sephora and David Jones - you're running out of time and Christmas won't wait!

Can we please, please, please start off with Peter Thomas Roth? In case you missed it, I've featured the brand on the blog a few times this year (gladly!), and I'm so happy that they have some kits out for the holidays! If you're looking to dabble in their collections, check out their offerings over here. The brand is available at Sephora, and they have a few kits available, which will allow you to not just dip your toes into the PTR pool, but instead, you can immerse your feet in the brand instead, metaphorically speaking. Try the Mask-Erade Skincare Set here if the recipient is a mask fiend, the Drench and De-Tox Skincare Set for those in need of a hydration boost, or why not go all out and pick up the Mix, Mask and Hydrate Skincare Set for the babes who want it all? A range of choices also means a range of prices, so you can pick up a present according to needs or budget - love that flexibility!

I know a few babes who love their tresses, but need a bit of help with them, so enter this DIY haircare pack that help you get inspired for the holidays! With different attachments to help enhance your hard work in curling and straightening, and aptly called the Curl & Straight Confidence Hair Dryer, this beautiful kit comes with a round brush too, which means that this one box will be awesome on it's own as a gift. However, if you're looking to up the ante, add in a few products to help her look after her locks better for healthier and happier hair! Chuck in a few masks, and some leave in products for protecting the hair and voila, you've got yourself a present that just about every babe will fight over, so try not to be evil and put this in a Bad Santa round, or you might end up with a blood bath on your hands!

I don't know a single person who doesn't love Beauty Blenders, once they've tried it, and well, if they haven't, then I think you know what you should be getting for them! The gorgeous original, which is a very well recognised hot pink, teardrop shaped sponge, would make an excellent stocking stuffer. If you're looking for something a little more, then you'd better pick up one of these sets from Sephora instead. These are available now, and they are delish! The Dripping in Diamonds Blender Essentials retails for $57, and it includes two blenders and two solid gemstone shaped cleansers - perfect for anyone who loves these blenders!

I'm not really one for serious presents - I feel like they are for a time of exploration, or fun! And what's more fun than exploring a brand that you're unfamiliar with, and curious about? The Beauty Chef comes up so often on social media that if you're curious about this, that's to be expected! Give them the gift of reduced stress and a more smooth sailing festive season with the Well Kit! Travel sized, and ready to go, this duo is made up of a probiotic spray to help with digestive and wellbeing, and a balm to help smooth, soothe and perk up the skin. Of course, you can always build your own hamper from the range, filling it with products that can look after your inside, so it can show on the outside.

What about if you're looking at hanging something up on the tree to hide among the ornaments? Slip, the queen of all that is silky and amazing for your skin and hair (namely, pillow cases and sleep masks), has the cutest pink and clear ornament filled with mini silk scrunchies to help reduce the damage to your tresses. These retail for $50 and can be found at both David Jones and Sephora.

Speaking of things you can pick up from both stores, Lanolips comes in a bauble form this year too, and it is absolutely adorable! This all purpose multi-tasker doesn't need much of an introduction from me and will be a welcome addition to anyone's tree, and purse!

And finally, who doesn't love some good skincare for Christmas? You can pick up an Antipodes pack for those who want an introduction to the brand, or simply to spoil yourself, because if you're anything like me, you'd love getting a little freebie with the main course! Antipodes does such a great job with their skincare, it's practically criminal if you haven't tried any of their products yet. This is good as a stocking stuffer, and also for that group kris kringle you're a part of!

And so ends my gift guides! I hope these have inspired you, and helped you out with picking presents! Let me know what you end up getting and what you bought for yourself!

*These products were provided for editorial consideration