Review: Klorane Desert Date Hair Mask

How has it taken me this long to write a review about Klorane? It may be because I have had the luck to try a lot of products (one head of hair, only so much time and washing) over the years, or simply that some of the products have blended into my staples, and therefore don't get that much online time. That said, there is no time like the present to get a review about a good brand out there, and that's exactly what I'm doing now!

My hair needs a little bit of love and looking after at the moment, given that I've been putting it through the wringer a little bit of late. I exposed it to a lot of pool and salt water in recent months when I was in Maui, dyed it repeatedly, including bleaching bits of it, then torturing it with some excellent styling tools and hairspray. 

Enter the Klorane Desert Date Hair Mask. This is meant to be a deep nourishing mask for very dry, damaged hair, with the ability to restore, repair and strengthen the natural keratin of your hair. This comes in a translucent jar with a white screw cap that doesn't take a lot of effort to remove. The mask itself is a thick, beige cream that spreads over the hair easily. Once you've got it smoothed all over the tresses, hang tight for 5 to 20 minutes to allow it to work it's magic before you wash it off.

My currently dyed and ill-treated hair is very fond of this treatment, because I credit it for allowing my hair to recover a little faster than it normally would. My hair is softer, while still maintaining it's bounce and body. There is the added bonus of a slightly sweet scent every time I move my head. I've been treating myself to this about once a week since I started using it, and my hair is a little happier for it!

So make sure that you pick a date with Klorane - Desert Date, that is! This retails for $24, and can be found at various retailers, including Priceline.

What's your Klorane staple?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration