Review: Aceology Detoxifying Modeling Mask

I feel like Aceology has been making the rounds on social media recently, and I can completely understand why! I've been playing with the Detoxifying Modeling Mask, and I'm going to try and describe the best way possible, but I'm going to be up front and say that I don't think I'm going to do it justice! This is definitely one that you're going to want to try for yourself!

Where is Aceology known for? That's easy - masks! There are 5 masks in total, with 3 of them being modeling masks (which is what I'm talking about today) and 2 of them being gel masks. They also have tools available on their site to help your skincare go the extra mile, which look very pretty.

So, the Aceology Detoxifying Modeling Mask has firmly landed on the MUST HAVE list from the very first use, and trust me when I say this - you're going to love it too! And don't let your lazy babe side put you off mixing this gorgeous mask so you can use it (I'm saying this because it did initially make my time poor self groan internally) - it's fast to mix together, and it will set on your face over the course of 30 minutes, so you can get lots of things done while you're letting your face bake in the mask.

This comes in 2 steps - open up the charcoal gel sachet into a bowl, then add the collagen powder before mixing it all together. Then, spread it over the skin with the provided spatula. Once that's done, sit back, and let it work it's magic for 30 minutes before peeling it off in one go. While that does sound gimmicky, there's also a bunch of really awesome ingredients in the mask, including charcoal for drawing out impurities and excess oil, chamomile to soothe, chestnut bark to get rid of dead skin cells while improving texture, hyaluronic acid and squalene for moisture, and collagen, peptides and ceramides to help prevent ageing.

My favourite part is removing it, because a) that's just really cool how it sets and does it's thing b) how bright and clear my skin looks right afterwards. My skin really enjoys the mask, feeling plumper, happier and smoother. In short, it's a wonderful way to get some rejuvenation for the skin. This is going to be the best Summer mask, because it's cool to the touch, and my skin definitely gets more clogged in the warmer seasons.

This retails for $79 for 4 masks, and it's beyond beautiful. Available online, you can find them over here. What do you think of Aceology? How often do you mask?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration