Review: Replederm Dark Spot Corrector

As much as we try, it can be impossible to prevent dark spots from occurring. Hence, when you hear about a product that might be able to reduce their appearance, you sit up and pay attention.

The Replederm Complexion Perfection Dark Spot Corrector (what a mouthful!) is meant to correct and brighten the skin, which I'm all up for. While I don't have large areas of pigmentation, I do have enough for it to be obvious, mostly just on my cheeks.

It comes in a heavy silver jar that has a screw top lid and it looks very professional. The cream itself is a light yellow, and it doesn't smell particularly fragranced, although I do catch whiffs of something kind of nutty. This feels rich, but thin, when it's spread on the skin. It gets absorbed very well after using gentle rotational strokes on the skin. 

This is packed with pracaxi oil (Amazon rainforest native), seaweed extract, beta-glucan  and niacinamide, as well as other goodies. I used this for three weeks, and didn't find a huge difference in the pigmentation on my skin, but I imagine that it would take a little longer than that to see a huge amount of difference. I really liked the way this felt on my skin, and that it's both thin, but moisturising. I also thought that my skin had an extra bit of luminosity - never a bad thing to see when trying a new product!

The best part of Replederm is that it is not tested on animals, and if that's not enough, for the vegans out there, you'll be happy to know that the Replederm Complexion Perfection Dark Spot Corrector has been registered as vegan by The Vegan Society in the UK! This alone gets two thumbs up from me!

This retails for $79.90 and will get you 30 ml of product.

Are you concerned about dark spots? What have you tried to combat this?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration