6 Australian Brands You Need To Try!

Happy Australia Day, everyone! I may be overseas at the moment, but I'll be checking in online to see what my Aussie babes get up to on this particular day. I hope everyone is having a great one, wherever they may be, and whatever they're doing!

To kick off this day, I thought I'd talk about a few brands that I love, but don't ramble on about as much. Here are 6 Aussie born and bred brands that you should be paying attention to!

m a k e * - A cruelty free and paraben free brand, m a k e's philosophy is simple - it's all about people who love to look good, while knowing that life is for living and not for looking in the mirror. Honestly, how does that not appeal to people? They also do a wicked hair mask.

Harvest Garden * - A recent discovery, this particular family owned business is based in the Central Coast of NSW. They started creating their range of skincare so they could have products without nasties, and they now carry a surprisingly comprehensive collection of goodies to which they are apparently adding to as time goes by. I really want to try their body scrubs, but the facial mists are really excellent!

Hamilton * - Born in South Australia, Hamilton has evolved over the span of 80 years and 3 generations, and now has different types of sunscreen that will protect toddlers through to grown ups with sensitive skin. Their spray is great, as it doesn't end up feeling sticky and cloying on the skin.

Bondi Sands * - This brand is all about sun safe tanning, and they do it well! Bondi Sands is both owned and made in Australia, but has certainly achieved international popularity. They have a range of self-tanners, going from gradual tanning lotions, to oils to tanners that can take as little as 1 hour to several hours. They also have mitts, exfoliating mitts and even a back tanning helper - how awesome is that?  Their Ultra Dark Tanning Foam lives up to the name!

Natralus * - I know I've talked about Natralus a little bit by now, but I also feel that I haven't quite gone on about it enough. Natralus started off in South Australia and they are known for their paw paw ointment, which is my absolute favourite of all the ones I've tried. They also include tons of natural ingredients in their products. If you haven't tried the brand yet, make sure you do! 

Lanolips - Lanolips uses the naturally occurring lanolin in the wool of sheep to hydrate and moisturise the skin. While Lanolips is most well known for their lip products, I love the texture of the Everyday Hand Balm, which keeps my hands soft and happy. As someone who suffers from cracked and bleeding hands with it gets too cold and dry, this hand cream is seriously awesome.

What's your favourite Aussie brand?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration