How To: Stay Fuzz Free with Gillette

You know how much I love talking about clever little things on Temporary Princess, and today, we're going to be discussing not one, but three clever little things! Without further ado, let's have a chat about how to stay fuzz free this Summer with Gillette!

The Gillette Venus has collaborated with Olay to create a 5 blade razor (on the right) that also has Olay moisture bars on both the top and bottom of the blades. This design means that you can skip the shaving foam, if you're low on time, or just don't have any in the shower with you. The moisture bars have a sugarberry scent, which is quite mild, and they contain petrolatum and glycerin, all meant to combat dryness and add glow. The 5 blade head means a nice close shave, and less irritation and rash burn overall.

While I found this to handle quite well, I ran into a couple of bumps (literally!) around the knees that I couldn't quite maneuver over, due to the moisture bars. I had to go over it a couple of times before I was satisfied with the results. Definitely easy to use, but also a little tough in certain spots. Sadly, this doesn't come with a cap, which means it's not a good travel companion. However, this does come with a suction cup holder, which means that you can just hang this up without having it bump into other products in the shower caddy! This retails for $14.99.

Speaking of tight spaces, the Gillette Venus Swirl (bottom left) is designed to deal with just that! This has a Flexi Ball that allows for excellent maneuvering into and over crevices and bumps, which makes it perfect for dealing with those hard to reach places! The blades on this razor head feature a MicroFine comb to help guide hairs into the blades for an even closer shave. I'll be honest, I couldn't feel the comb, but I certainly felt the results of it on my skin! An easy to use razor for smooth skin, particularly for those odd little places? Winning! This retails for $19.99. Pair this with their Satin Care With A Touch Of Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel and you'll have miles of smooth skin and all the softness you could want!

One of the cutest innovations I've seen, and unbelievably, something that no one had ever thought of until now, is their Gillette SNAP (top left). For $15.99, you can get a full sized razor (that's 5 blades!) on a portable, yet adorable, handle. One of my friends had an unfortunate run in with an uncapped razor in her bag recently, and managed to sliced her fingertip. I wince even writing about it! This case is really secure, and you don't have to worry about having your unsuspecting fingers attacked by your lurking razor. Plus, it's really cute! It's so little, you can even take it on your date with you, if things were to take an interesting turn... I'm just sayin'!

With so many options, I know it can be overwhelming and hard to choose - so why do it? Just get them all! These are available where Gillette Venus is found.

What you are using to stay fuzz free currently? What is your favourite from this trio?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I've used Venue products since I was in high school. I loved it when they brought out the 5 blade heads and now the swivel head is a great addition. Love this brand!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    1. Me too! I used them a lot as a teenager, and it's great to see them back in my life again.


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