Binned Things November 2016

Trash talk - my favourite time of the month! Due to going away in November, I didn't get to finish as much as I would have liked, but I've been told I over do it mostly anyway, so this is me taking a bit of a step back this time! Also, as I was sick at the end of last year, I couldn't actually put this post up, so it's a little late!

1) Skin Physics Deep Hydration Lifting Masks - I got this mask as part of a Priceline goody bag and I quite liked it. My skin felt reasonably hydrated post using it.
Repurchase? Yes

2) Indeed Labs Hydraluron Mask - An old favourite, and one that I love trotting out regularly.
Repurchase? Yes

3) Innoxa Save Our Skin NoTox Patches * - I really like these patches! A little on the pricey side, but definitely one that works well.
Repurchase? Yes

4) Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Body Scrub * - A gorgeous body scrub that both smelled wonderful and flaked the skin sufficiently.
Repurchase? Yes!

5) Benefit The Pore Fessional Mask - A bit of a fun mask, but nothing hugely life changing.
Repurchase? Unlikely

6) Nuxe White Sheet Mask - I liked the way this felt, but I don't think this did much for my skin as a one off.
Repurchase? Maybe - would love to see if there could be ongoing benefits from it. 

7) Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant - Definitely my go to deodorant!
Repurchase? Yes

8) Rosehip by Essano Moisturising Creme Cleanser * - See full review here.
Repurchase? Yes

9) A'kin Kaolin Clay & Lemongrass Masque * - Awesome face masque from A'kin! A good skin de-stressor.
Repurchase? Yup!

10) Woolworths Select Make Up Pads - I ran out of this for a while - big mistake! These are seriously the best!
Repurchase? Yes!

11) MAC Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation * - See full review here.

12) La-Roche Posay Redermic R Anti-Aging Dermatological Treatment * - This was quite strong, and both caused a little irritation to my skin while brightening it. 
Repurchase? Maybe

13) Poni Cosmetics The White Knight Mascara * - Awesome mascara! Didn't smudge, and worked well on me!
Repurchase? Absolutely! 

14) Natural Instinct Plump and Renew Serum - A light serum that I'm not sure did much for my skin.
Repurchase? Maybe

15) Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - I love this concealer for my undereye circles! Creamy, and pigmented, just amazing.
Repurchase? Yes, yes, yes!

16) Biore Self-Heating One Minute Mask - One of my favourite quickie masks!
Repurchase? Yup!

17) Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer - A decent eyeshadow primer that I liked so much, I squeezed as much of it as I could from the tube!
Repurchase? I would!

I managed to run through a number of travel sized products, and I really enjoyed most of them! There's a whole bunch products in this mix that I'd definitely look at repurchasing.

And as usual, I've included the one product that my husband finished - Breakout Control by Dermalogica! 

And that's everything that I finished in November! Stay tuned for all the many things that I used up in December!

What was the product that you repurchased the most often last year?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. My most re-purchased products were boring things like sunscreen, lip balm & the spot treatment pen I use. Oh & maybe hand cream, but I bulk buy that anyway.

    1. Yes, but necessities! Oooh! What spot treatment pen is this?


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