Review: Rimmel #Instaflawless Skin Tint *

You know how it gets - you hit Winter, and suddenly, it's like you don't get any sun at all, and your skin is all pasty and pale and you lose all of your colour. Or maybe that's just me!
Have no fear, however, because Rimmel totally has you covered! Or your face, at least! I've been loving the Rimmel #Instaflawless for that little bit of a lift to my skin and it has been fantastic this cold weather!

It's meant to prime and brighten the skin, as well as hydrate while protecting the skin with it's SPF 15. Given it's shade, I used it as my base during the warmer months, but when it got cooler, I started mixing it in with my foundation to add a bit of warmth to it as my body is still a couple of shades darker than my face. 

As you can see in that picture, there's a bit of a glow on the back of my hand after I blended it into the skin, and that's the overall effect you get on the face - nothing crazy, just a healthy sort of glow! 

This is the perk me up for the skin, particularly when I'm looking a little too colourless for my liking, but be careful, because you can certainly go too far the other way, then you might look like you're wearing a totally inappropriate shade of foundation! For $13.95 for 30 ml, you can find this at just about anywhere that stocks Rimmel (which is just about EVERYWHERE!).

Have you tried the #Instaflawless yet? What do you use to brighten up your skin during the cooler months?

*This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I love this! been using it as a tinted moisturiser or a primer on bad skin days, which seems to be happening quite a bit - I blame work related stress. I feel like I'm ready to retire

    Lily not Louise

    1. Hang in there, gorgeous! You'll get through it!


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