Review: Natio Cucumber and Aloe Micellar Cleansing Water *

I love Natio! They are such an easily accessible brand, and their range of skincare is incredibly wide, which means that there is just about something for everyone. That something for me this time is the Cucumber and Aloe Micellar Cleansing Water, which I was given the opportunity to try recently, and I'm so glad I was able to, because it's awesome!
This baby comes in a clear screw top bottle that contains 200 ml of fluid. It contains cucumber and aloe extracts, and it's meant to soothe while removing all of your makeup from your face. It's also free from soap, fragrance and alcohol, which means that it won't dry out your skin while cleansing it.

I love how this works on my skin! I didn't think my current micellar water was doing too badly until I started using this one, and it took off so much more makeup with so much less effort! My skin doesn't feel drier afterwards, which is great, particularly at this time of the year. I wish that this had a flip top lid instead, however, for ease of usage.

Make the right choice this Winter and don't let your skin suffer! You can pick up a bottle of this for $14.95 at a lot chemists, Myer, David Jones and Priceline. 

What's your favourite thing from Natio? Do you use micellar waters?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I stopped using micellar water to take off makeup and started using it after cleanse to rid excess, i'll have to check this one out!!!

    Lily not Louise

    1. It really removes make up - so loving this right now!

  2. Haven't tried micellar water, but sounds like I should check this out :)

    1. Definitely! It cleanses without stripping the skin!


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