Review: QV Oil Free Moisturiser *

Whee, it's QV! Ok, so that's a slightly lame way to start this post, but it's actually how I feel about this moisturiser (spoiler alert!), so let me walk you through why I'm so keen on it, and what to expect with this little tube of loveliness!
So, if you're not about the grease when it comes to your moisturiser, like my husband is (he complains about how sunscreen smells like sunscreen, moisturisers are too heavy etc - you get the picture), then this would be perfect for you.

This comes in a screw cap tube containing 75g of lotion, and it also has a slight 'cold cream' scent to it, even though it's meant to be fragrance free, which disappears over time. This moisturiser sinks into the skin really easily with a bit of rubbing, and it must be because of the oil free formula that it leaves no discernible residue on the skin! 

This is meant to be suitable for oily and acne prone skin, which makes sense, given that this does give you a moderately matte appearance, which can be a great base for your makeup. It decreases shine, and it's also good for sensitive skin.

It doesn't feel as hydrating as some other lotions, probably as it's oil free, but it certainly doesn't feel drying on the skin - a great balance for people who want to reduce the possibility of turning into an oil slick throughout the day. 

This moisturiser ticks a lot of boxes - I don't particularly need the matte, but I do think it has it's indications, particularly in the Summer! I just love that I can slowly add this to my husband's routine and he wouldn't protest!

The biggest downside to this moisturiser? Not having any SPF in it! This is because I tend to prefer SF 30 and above, but I do know some people who are allergic to SPF, so this is perfect for them. This little cutie also contains glycerin, avemide 15, witch hazel, vitamin B3 and pro-vitamin B5 to make your skin even happier.

You can pick one of these up for $16.60 at pharmacies and Priceline.

Do you like oil free moisturisers? Would you try one?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own