Review: Avene Cleansing Foam *

Sometimes, I have a small kid's mentality in an adult body! For example, I love playing round with Lush's shower jellies when the mood strikes, and foamy baths are the best thing! Speaking of foam, while I think at heart I'm a cream cleanser sort of girl, foams certainly have a place in my life.
I've been trying out the new release from Avene, which is their Cleansing Foam, and it's meant to be great for normal to combination sensitive skin. 

This comes in a clean, white bottle with a firm pump and clear cap, and it contains 150 ml of product. It is meant to be hypoallergenic and is appropriate for those who have a shiny T-zone, dull complexion and enlarged pores. It is also soap free, so that this doesn't dry out skin excessively.

For a foam, I was very surprised by how gentle this was. First of all, I like the dispenser and how much product came out each time I pumped. I used this both with a konjac sponge and with my Foreo Luna, and it was effective with both methods.

Having normal skin, I didn't notice this reducing any shininess, but I really liked how my skin didn't feel tight and stripped of it's normal oils. I also really liked that it's fragrance free, so it's great for sensitive noses. 

Great for people who are generally quite sensitive, and it doesn't hurt that the pump is very satisfying to use!

What's your favourite Avene product? Are you a foam cleanser user?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. Aw damn, I hate it when too much product comes out of the pump! I've only tried avene's cream which turned out to be pretty good! I've got their spray in my stash too.. which I will need to take out soon!

    I'm not really a foam cleanser user, I rub it all over my face and find it hard to breath lol!

    1. Haha! You leave the best comments, seriously!


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