How To: Prep Your Lips For That Perfect Pout

Have you ever caught sight of your own reflection while in the middle of a long and busy day, and thought, DAMMIT! What ever happened to that great lip colour you put on this morning, and why didn't anyone say anything?
Well, I'm here to answer those questions for you and here's what I have:
1) You very likely -
a - ate it off
b - smeared it around when you blew your nose
c - put it on your collar
2) It's awkward and people are polite - it's a bit like telling someone their fly is down. Having half present/smeared lip colour can be a little embarrassing for both people, so like lettuce between the teeth, not everyone would pipe up.

Don't you worry - I've been through it all before! Here are a few tips for you to help reduce those unwanted moments.

1) Exfoliate - My favourite jar of scrub, scrub, scrub! This Lush goodness comes in several different flavours (Bubblegum is pictured, but Popcorn is my favourite!) and it's awfully edible, so just be careful to not lick your lips, or you're going to dry them out! Grab a fingertip full, pop it on the lips and move back and forth until you get all the dry, icky skin off. Alternatively, you can try an old toothbrush with some vaseline on it.

2) Prep - I've been really loving this Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner* and this Transformulas Ageless Beauty Lip Volume* as my base. They both moisturise the pucker, but neither mixes with the lip colour, so you can have a flawless finish. The Transformulas Lip Volume is also meant to plump up the lips over time, so this is something that could improve your kisser the more often you use it!

Additionally, the Antipodes Lip Conditioner is rich in Vitamins C and E, and alpha linolenic acid, making this great as a lip balm on it's own, particularly great for the dry and cold months ahead.

3) Stain - You can skip this step on an average day, but when you're going to a wedding or an event where you'd like to eat and drink the night away, but not your lippie, then this would be a good one to do. Use a lip stain on the lips, and even after eating, you'll still have a subtle shade on the lips that will tide you over until you can reapply. A nice affordable one is this little charmer from Savvy by DB.

4) Line - Remember when you were a kid and you were just learning to draw within the lines? Same here when it comes to lips! Try a cheap and cheerful one like these cuties from Essence Cosmetics, Colour Theory, or consider paying a couple more dollars for one from Innoxa or Rimmel. The upside of the latter lipliners is that you don't have to sharpen it!

5) Colour - For long lasting lip colour, there are plenty to pick from! If you're after matte, check out Kat Von D, Dose of Colours and Jeffree Star, or at a more accessible level, both financially and physically, NYX and Australis happen to be a great bet. For those wanting a glossier finish, Rimmel's Provocalips * might be a good idea.

I hope these little tips will help in getting your lippie to stay on your pucker, just where you want it to be!

What are your favourite tips for getting your lipstick to stay, not slide?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own