New Release: Artiste Airbrush Collection by Manicare *

A06; A05; A04; A02; A03; A01

I'm sure I'm not the only one who can identify with this next statement. New brushes make me go weak in the knees. Their fresh out of the packaging poofiness, the gorgeous feel of it on the skin, their unmatched performance when they swipe their first product... That sensation is absolutely unparalleled. 
Hence, I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try out some stunners from the new Artiste Airbrush Collection by Manicare, and stunners they are! This range has a total of six brushes, all with a tapered brush head to prevent streaking, and a soft, silicone-like handle that feels velvety, with a rose gold ferrule to break it up.

A06; A05; A04; A02; A03; A01

Let's begin by having a chat about my absolute favourite brush in the entire collection, the A01 Airbrush Mega Powder/Bronzer Brush! The denseness of this brush is absolutely unbelievable! This is suitable for the types of powder that you just want to dust everywhere and cover a large amount of skin.

The A02 Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush is definitely something I prefer over the flat type of foundation brush. This allows me to pick up enough foundation to cover half the face, swiping it from the back of my hand, and slowly blending it from the nose out, before going back for more. It's so much easier than the flat foundation brushes! I've also used this for undereye concealer, and it works just as well.   

The A03 Airbrush Soft Focus Blush Brush is puffy and dense, but not so much that it goes wild and colours other parts that it's not quite supposed to cover. This is great for blushes, as the name would suggest, and it's also brilliant for highlighters. Again, this is incredibly soft, which is almost bad, because repeated touching of it with my skin when there's blush on it could result in way more blush than I need!

I really like that the A04 Airbrush Flawless Shadow Brush is great for both patting the eyeshadow on, but also floofy enough to blend it in by sweeping it back and forth a little, although I wouldn't use this for blending alone. This isn't wide enough to get into other shadows when you're using a palette, which is good.

This! Have I ever mentioned how much I love blending brushes? They are imperative for when you're trying to nail that smokey eye (or eyes, even!). This is so great for getting the colours to blend, so that you're not colour blocking, and like the rest of the collection, it's soft and this makes sweeping across the lids really easily.

I wasn't sure if I would have the most use for the A06 Precision Smudge Brush, given that it's a little bigger than what I'd use to put shadow in the medial canthus of my eye (that's inside of my eye, near the nose), but I'm happy to report that I do have a use for it - the lower lash line! This adds a bit more definition to your look, and with sufficient practise, I think I could certainly use this for the corner of my eye too!

A01 Airbrush Mega Powder/Bronzer Brush - $39.95
A02 Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush - $26.95
A03 Airbrush Soft Focus Blush Brush - $26.95
A04 Airbrush Flawless Shadow Brush - $19.95
A05 Airbrush Blending Crease Brush - $19.95
A06 Airbrush Precision Smudging Brush - $19.95

I love that with this whole collection, you could do your whole look. I think I would need to get another couple of A04 and A05s, and maybe another A03, to round out the collection for me, but otherwise, it's absolutely stunning!

For more information, you can head over here. These are available from Priceline now!

Are you excited about this collection? If you're not, you should touch the A01 and that would be enough to get you there!

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. Okay, I need the Soft Focus Blush Brush. I have been looking for something that doesn't deposit great chunks of solid colour on my cheeks and I'm using a chisel one at the moment that just isn't working. I am going to stalk it at Priceline and wait for a sale!

  2. first glance, I thought these were very similar to the RTs!

    The mega brush caught my attention immediately, haha, I will definitely have a look out for these, they look (and sound) amazing! I love that new brush feeling too. :)

    1. It's all the floof! I love that my cat also loves the new brush feeling too!


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